I'm Making This Better, Mommy

January 13, 2012
By Anonymous

Some nights I hear you
Kept safe by the walls of my room
Screaming and shouting, asking dad when the wh***’s baby is due
I wish I could go far, far away, live on the moon

You break cups and threaten to call the police
That night Teddy and I crept under my bed
Plenty of times I’ve prayed for peace
But, of that not a word was said

After it all you come into my room with a tear stained face
Telling me that you’re sorry and it will never happen again
Feeling safe in your tight embrace
Why does this happen then

I feel sad when you cry
Daddy says that’s why he loves her more
I wish I could be a better daughter, I do try
He says she’s prettier, though I’ve never seen her before

Mommy, I wish I could make this all better
And I think I know how
That is why I’m writing this letter
I love you more than what you could ever know, I’ll see you again someday. Goodbye for now.

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