Babe, It Hurts

January 13, 2012
By Anonymous

Ice cold
Blade pressed to my skin
Oh, how this never gets old
I have feelings too, I'm not a machine

When you scream and cuss
Babe, it hurts
I try not to fuss
But in fact, my heart, it bursts

When you tell me to leave
My heart shatters
It is not a sign of love, I believe
These tears and blood splatters

When you take another hit
I get hurt too
Sometimes I wonder, if this is it
Don't you love me like I love you

Babe, I'm not a machine
I can't pretend everything is okay
I remember when it was you and not a blade pressed to my skin
And now, all feelings of love are at bay

Babe, I don't know where I went wrong
Where you fell
Once upon a time you were my song
Now you make me live in a personal he**

The author's comments:
Do not let others get you down. Never ever.

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