What You've Done To Me

January 8, 2012
By Anonymous

I just think that
You really don't understand
What you've done to me

you made me laugh more
And you made me try harder
For things out of reach

You made me dance more
I even sang for you and
It wasn't so bad

You made me believe
In things i hadn't before
Like love "for always"

You found me hiding
now there's no safe base for me
And no hiding spot

You took all my trust
And ripped it apart in front
Of my very eyes

You told me that you
Hate me and are disgusted
Without using words

You made me sleepless
afraid of the world again
And with no safe place

You broke my heart with
Your promise of "for always"
describing this hell

I have to believe
That you just don't understand
What you've done to me

The author's comments:
He made me feel wonderful. He made better and more brave. He took my mask and made me stop hiding from the world. There's no way he could ever understand how he changed me -- saved me even. But then the same boy broke me. He crushed my heart. Made me crazy. Turned to hating me. And now there's no masks or safe places to hide. And I have to believe that he didn't know what he did to me or else he wouldn't of done it.

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