This Is Who I Am

December 14, 2011
By Anonymous

This is who I am
A child with an Afro
Eric Benet hair

Who loves funny pain
And dogs with long curly hair
That matches my own

Puberty works fast
Growing at a constant rate
I’m already 5’9”

I like watching vids
On the cool website You Tube
Laughing my butt off

Or chilling with friends
At the park or at Trickum
Or sometimes at home

I am a spoiled teen
That begs for what he doesn’t have
Or what I do have

I love playing sports
Basketball, soccer, dodge ball
Some more than others

I’m not the smartest
Don’t get straight A’s everywhere
But I do okay

That is who I am
A pain loving Afro kid
That loves dogs and sports

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