You Are Beautiful, My Friend

December 10, 2011
By Anonymous

Dear Friend, The One Who Likes To Hide
Behind That Quiet Mask, In Which You Bide
Your Shyness Is Dominant In That Silent Life Of Yours
But In It's Leaving Trail, Is A Person Without Flaws

You Can Brighten My Day, When The Clouds Loom Above
Happiness Clears The Dark, Like The Wings Of A Dove
When Times Got Tough, You Kept Pushing Me Through
I Never Really Showed How Much I Appreciated You

You're Why I Am Here, My Rose Among Thorns
Because When I Awake, You're My Sunlight That Dawns
To Pierce The Black With Shards Of White
You're The Reason My Life Candle Stays Alight

So, My Friend, The One I Shan't Leave
I Plead And Wish For You Not To Grieve
You Are The Shine In Each And Every Star
And You Are Beautiful; Just The Way You Are

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