Please remember

November 3, 2011
By Anonymous

Do you remember,
The place where we first met?
The hill was green, the

Blossoms were blooming
Into apples on the tree
I met you there, friend

I was shy, but you
Were brave in my childish mind
We spent the summer

Climbing that hill’s tree
Dancing in the summer’s wind
You and I were friends

Every day was an
Adventure for me with you
We were then best friends

But when summer’s warmth
vanished, I ran there once more
to see you again

You sat there alone
Sadness in your big blue eyes
We played till sunset

I sat on the grass
Tired, I closed my eyes from
Watching you stare back

When I woke up you
Were gone, my friend, you were gone
The next days in wait,

Waiting for your face
Coming home upset
Disappointed, too

I saw in horror
A “For Sales Sign” sold on your

Lawn, the house vacant

I still waited, friend
Ignorance blinding my heart
I will miss you friend

But even when my
Face is foggy and my name
Blurred in your mind as

Years go by, please do
remember that summer just
as I have dearly

The author's comments:
I saw this in sort of in a video (Hastune Miku's Music Box) and it inspired this poem. Hope you like it:)

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