October 30, 2011
I'm so gonna die
Stress is now taking its toll
Will it ever end?

I can't handle it
I am about to explode
Have a mop ready

Things cannot get worse
It's just a never ending
Vortex of horror

I need some downtime
To just relax and chill out
To take a breather

Can I just sit down?
Must there always be something
That needs to be done?

As soon as I stop
Something else comes up quickly
There is never peace

Anyone with me?
I'm sure you can relate here
Sometimes life just sucks

Just suck it up, right?
Okay, reality check,
That's not possible

I can force a smile
But deep down I'm ruined
Tired, worn out, finished

I need to let loose
Get rid of all of this stress
Because if I don't

It will eat me up
And I can't let that happen
'Cause I want to beat

This stress to a pulp
I can kill it (hopefully)
If I keep going
At the very least
I can honestly say that
Things will get better

All I have to do is wait
Very patiently

This is gonna be
A very, very long time
Oh well, let's keep hope

Like we always do
Until we break down crying
Still fighting, waiting

Still looking for that
Small bit of inspiration
Someday, it will come

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