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October 6, 2011
By thierry45 SILVER, Daytonabeach, Florida
thierry45 SILVER, Daytonabeach, Florida
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always express the way you feel.

The feelings I have for you I can’t control it

It had token over my life and make me feel like garbage

I don’t know where to start but I'll start with this

The first time I saw your eyes I knew you were the one for

Your beauty, your body, and your style is so perfect

When you walk in front of me my jaw dropped

And your beautiful smell tickled my nose

Remember when we talk long on the phone

We talk for hours and hours until or smile when from happy
to a frown

Me and you had so much in common it was so funny

We instantly clicked like we were always buddies

So we liked each other but we took it slow

That was the biggest mistake we ever followed

We shouldn’t had done that because looked what happen

Another dude is in your arms and I’m left forgotten …like
the garbage I feel I am

And here I stand regretting why i never told you that I
love you

I want you in my arms, I want you back so badly

That my head hurts and my blood flows rapidly

Through my veins, through flesh, and through
my bones

There’s an electric current that I can’t control

I must be in love cause sometimes I’m hot and sometimes
I’m cold

When I think about you my blood pressure rises

And I’m fighting hard to get through this love crisis

I am sick and only you are my cure … my only drug

And that’s coming from the heart deep don’t down in the

They were right when they say love comes in mysterious

Because its been a mystery for my love to
get through

From my heart to yours and I’m telling the truth

This is not for fun these are my feelings

That I think needs to be recognized with caution

Yea you have boyfriend now that I know

I should stop pushing myself on you cause that’s pretty

I don’t want to come between you and your man

But you should say stop and then I’ll understand

All I want is for you to be happy with somebody

I thought it could be me but I guess what we had was

But there’s still a fire that’s lit in between us

And it’s up to you if you want it to burn or not

I know what I want and that’s you

So please tell me should I give up or continue

We only kissed two times since we known each other

But that kiss we had last time was so wonderful

Your lips were smooth and so beautiful

I just wanted to keep on kissing them

But you came to your senses and knew that we was doing
something wrong

I’m not ashamed for what I did and neither should you

I liked it and I hope you did too … if I could do it again
I would do this

Hug you tight and then lay my kiss

But in the end you’ll still feel the same way

Loving your boyfriend and thinking me and you is just for

When I think of your boyfriend he gives me rage

I just don’t get how you could be stuck in this cage

Of lies and resentment that’s what I see

And really are going to pick him over me

Well if he’s the one then I give you my blessing , my

hopes and dreams

You know I will always love you even though inside I’m

still depressing

About us, what we had, and what we could have had is in my
mind all day

I just got to stop convincing myself that you’ll find your
way and come and stay

Well you have been the best-est friend a boy could ever
have in the world

You will always be apart of me because in my heart you
will always be my girl

my friend my lover and the only one for me...just remember


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