Painted Flowers on the Wall

September 23, 2011
The Lilies came out

To soak up the sunshine’s rays
Flourishing Beauty.

A Cherry Blossom
Bears a fruit so round and sweet
Red, plump, and juicy.

Radiant Daisies
Symbolize loyal beauty
With pure innocence

The Forget-Me-Not
Raises its face to the rain
To erase the past.

A deadly disease
We can cure with a flower
The common House-leek

Oh, how the Iris
Looks as it blows in the breeze
Please stay the Iris.

She got a Lilac
So very simple and sweet
Left on her doorstep.

How the Queen Anne's Lace
Weaves itself upon the branch
Forming fantasies.

It's tucked in my hair
The rose my father gave me
His little princess.

Mistletoe’s hung high
The victim walks underneath
To share a sweet kiss.

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