Animal Check

September 6, 2011
On an African
desert, baby elephants
chase one another.

Swinging from tree to
tree, a monkey screeches from
the green canopy.

The lion stalks it’s
prey at night, hidden in the
tall prairie grass.

A raccoon, like a
bandit, so quick and speedy,
Just like an outlaw.

Their ears prick up at
your voice, so loyal and kind.
Dog is man’s best friend.

Curled up at your feet,
the cat purrs loud. You scratch their
ear and they meow.

Flying so high up
in the sky, a bird is free

to do as they please.

Bunnies are so cute
and fluffy. They hop so fast
and you can’t catch them.

The mighty stallion,
is challenged by others for
it’s place of power.

Swimming in the big
ocean, fish stick together
for some protection

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