"No" Didn't Come

August 10, 2011
By Anonymous

Ignorance was bliss.
I didn't need this knowledge,
could have lived without.

With not knowing how
embarrassed I'd be because
I couldn't say "no."

One word, one meaning.
It says, "Get off me. Now, please,"
if you're that direct.

Or perhaps it says,
"You wand to do WHAT with me?"
if you're that surprised.

Maybe it would say,
"I must decline your offer,"
if you're that polite.

But for this magic
word to work, it must be said.
Get it past your lips.

I could have said no.
I wanted to. Boy, did I.
But "no" didn't come.

It didn't come when
I was screaming out in pain
so maybe he'd stop.

He thought I loved him,
as if love was expected.
As was this. This sin.

Expected to be
defiled, corrupted, and
tainted by his hand.

Not just his hand, but
his everything taking my
everything from me.

My purity, gone.
It's not shining anymore,
because you stole it.

I am embarrassed.
I am ashamed. All because
I couldn't say "no."

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