Never Truly Over

August 10, 2011
September shows truths
As I look back at the cool
Month of 2010

I asked myself if
This year would be fair for us,
Not my choice of words.

I think we should get
This relationship appraised
‘Cause it doesn’t seem

Worth it

From here. Is this all
That I get for my money?
So I say baby,

Lets go, ‘Cause what have
We got to lose besides us:
Each other.

Lets shake the world up
‘Cause nobody is watching
But they would like us

To keep

Each other’s picture
In our back pockets for now
Until loneliness

Escapes clammy hearts
And bids us farewell as it
Realizes we’re


But don’t forget your
Strongest defense against the
Harsh world - it’s us


When there’s no where left
To look, and no where left to
Turn, the mere thought of

Each Other’s

Will break barriers
Like none other, and before
Loneliness can creep,

Reach deep into your
Back pocket and hold tight to
Memories of our


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