The Watching Man

May 5, 2011
By , omaha, NE
There was an old man
Who sat on his porch all day
Listening, waiting

Watching the world pass
Just sitting there without care
With nothing to do

He would sit and think
His thoughts were not important
Did not mean a thing

So he would just sit
With nothing to do, he sat
Sat and watched the world.

He watched the kids play
Their joyous laughs made him smile
he watched them grow up

He watched the sun rise
He would sit outside all day
He watched the sun set

He watched the grass grow
He saw the flowers blooming
he watched all the world

He would watch the bees
He would sit and watch them buzz
They would fly around

He watched the dogs bark
He sat there and he listened
He never did stir

The rain made him go
He still watched from the window
Thinking about things

He liked summer days
The sun shining on his face
He loved to just sit

Sat there with no cares
Just sat and watched and listened
Watching peacefully.

He lived a full life
He never lived with regrets
Now he would just watch.

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