Journey of my Life

May 25, 2011
By Omegaman BRONZE, Sunnyside, Washington
Omegaman BRONZE, Sunnyside, Washington
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Favorite Quote:

Journey of my life
Contained in twenty haikus
Let us begin now

Inside my household
Life with my parents and bro
An amazing place

My parents taught
They have taught me how to live
I am so thankful

My siblings made me
Made me be strong, made me smart
They made me achieve

Books upon bookshelves
Two floors, I
rule the lower
many attractions

Schooling is up next;
The next part of our journey
Friends, teachers, great times

No effort wasted
Giving a fifth of my all
achieving good grades

Outside of schooling
An unending knowledge thirst
Still eager to learn

Makes schooling boring
Reviewing my old knowledge
Can’t wait for college

Next on our path
My favorite place in the world
At a comic-con

Time with my brother
A vacation just for us
Sharing a moment

On the grand show floor
Many things to do for us
A whole day of fun

Meeting my idol
He wrote my favorite books
He is called Geoff Johns

Fourth part of the trip
Engineering club is now
Time with friends building

Our team was chosen
We drove up to seattle
For our press event

Big competition
Our work collaboration
We achieved last place

Small competition
Small event- foil boat building
We achieved first place

Now for the last stop
You have glimpsed reality
Now for my dreams

High goals with rivals
Me- valedictorian
College scholarship

While I’m in college
Dream occupation, author
Like Geoff Johns, writing

With my doctorate
Moving to a far off land
Land of the red sun.

The author's comments:
a list of haikus
detailing my unique life
for you to enjoy

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