April 6, 2011
By Anonymous

Every night I lay there thinking about what I had done wrong, but I know what I done wrong,
I never loved you like I should,
We use to sign our letters with xoxoxo;s, you use to find ways to make me laugh,
But on the day I was laying there in the couch, thinking.
Why did this happen to me?

You always told me that you would always be there for me, but now I see I was so wrong,
Now look at us, we should have done better, & try to have made it work out,
But we didn’t try hard enough.
You always said no matter what happen we will try to be friends, But we was together for along time, & now we aren’t talking anymore,
You always have been the wrong guy for me, because I never saw it,
Why didn’t I see it coming?

Our love was something so different, but you believe that we did have something so good,
Why did you have to be so difficult?
When I was so calm & nice, but sometimes it was hard to be those things,
My life was so different before I met someone like you; I knew you were just a dream in my head, because I couldn’t get rid of you,
Why did you have to be so many wrong things?
This is how I use to feel about everything,
My heart will never be the same, because I gave you my heart, but the ever next night you gave it away,
I thought you loved me, but I realize you didn’t, you were the one I couldn’t stop thinking about, but now I am thinking about someone else,
This person I am thinking about is so amazing,
He is a person like me & you, but he is way nicer then you ever was,
You said you will never let me go, but you let some other guy sweep me off of my feet,
But now he got my heart.
I told you it was time to move on & find someone else,
Love is a warm feeling that two people have between them,
A relationship suppose to have trust, love, & faith in it, but if you don’t have any of these things in a relationship it will never work out,
When, you fall for someone at a young age it is just puppy love.
One day, your real love will be the one who love you for who you are, but you have to wait until God send you them.
Don’t say you in love, because you really not,
I thought I was in love, but I find out it wasn’t worth it.
Love will come & go, but you will never forget your first love.
He or she will love you who for who you are, & they will always be there for you.
Don’t never change who you are, because you will always be the same person inside.
When, you find the right person that God put you with you will know it will be true.
You can be just sitting around, thinking about them, & you will never stop either.
Your heart will be so warm, & so peaceful.
Love isn’t suppose to last forever, unless it’s the right person that God told you to be with.
The right person will be the one who you were thinking of since you were little, but they will always be in your heart.
Love is a part of everybody life & they have to live with it too.

The author's comments:
This poem i wrote is about what love suppose to feel like when you do get it....

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