A Haiku Written Poem about All-Nighters(:

February 14, 2011

Its surprising how,
when you stay awake all night,
the morning feels like

afternoon. And you
think people should be awake,
but they're still sleeping

because its only
-tho it doesn't feel like it-
nine in the morning.

So crawl into bed,
and visit beddy-bye land.
Twenty-four hours

sure makes them miss you.
-Them being the dream people.-
Don't keep them waiting!

After counting sheep,
there will be more time for fun.
Sweet Dreams Little Ones(:

The author's comments:
Friday, 5 AM: Get up, shower, and get ready for school
7:35-3: School. . . blahh
7 PM: The Annual Youth Group Lock in Starts. . .
Saturday, 9 AM: On my way home and still no sleep.

I didn't sleep until 11 Saturday night, but i wrote this haiku and sent it to my bestie with whom i stayed up with.

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