Warm Up IIID- Free

January 21, 2011
"Soft as a petal"
Thats what you said of my skin
And I fell for it

Then the sin came out
The blame was put just on me
But you are older?

You said this was what
love was suppose to be and
it was out secret

But the guilt and sin
of our secret and my pain
are away at me

You took away all
of my hope in med and all
the hope in myself

So with nothing left but
your abandonment and
hate covered love lie

I resort to the
one means of emotional
feeling you left me

Then one day he said
simply, "why do your arms cry?"
He had not seen but

he did not need to
in order to see just how
you effected me

He did not even
need to know your existence
to see the impact.

"Please" was all he said
"If not for yourself then stop
for me. I am scared.

You are so strong, and
it kills me to not see that
beautiful smile

every single day
you pour out your heart and soul
into your writing.

with passion i have
never seen in my whole life
Why risk losing that?"

As his voice chokes up
and his sad face becomes flush
a gentle tear rolls

down his cheek as a
knot forms in side my stomach.
With nothing left we

embrace in a hug
that allows me to feel the
safety in his care.

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