True Vagabond

January 18, 2011
By Anonymous

I feel alive when
The gravel under my feet
Shakes like an earthquake

A train is coming
I hope it’s a slow freight
I’ll hop in and ride

You fucking bum!
The man yells and spits in rage
I’m in the dirt bloody

Next time, God help me
Next time, He’s gonna kill me
My bag hits the ground

Generous bastard
I guess I’ll hoof it for now
Find another train

I try but I don’t
I stroll down the interstate
Not a car for miles

Build a simple camp
Huddle toward the open fire
It is time to rest

Dawn breaks and I wake
Stamp out embers and pack up
I’m back on the road

Thumb far outstretched
Cars, vans, trucks are passerby’s
I wouldn’t trust me

I will walk this road
Until it takes me somewhere
I can call my home

I will walk this road.

The author's comments:
It explains a bit about the summer I ran away from home.

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