December 28, 2010
By KimberllieMarie BRONZE, Guam, Other
KimberllieMarie BRONZE, Guam, Other
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There Is A Reason For Everything !

We Live By It's Law.
People Make It Everyday.
Choices That Are Wrong

The author's comments:
This piece was actually my first haiku. I made this haiku in 6th grade. And I'm really amazed that this meant much more than an assignment.
Life inspired me to write this haiku. Well the truth is we all make mistakes. We take the wrong paths, and we make the wrong actions.But After these mistakes, we learn from it. It's Just Life
But when you make a mistake, don't keep doing it again. To me it's called stupidity. And when people say learn from your mistakes, it does not mean to keep making the wrong choices. It means to don't do that mistake again.
But it's life. People need to learn. And if they do a mistake, of course something will come back to them. People need to start being responsible. They always make up excuses.
I hope from people all over the world learn that life is filled with mistakes. We will struggle upon hardships and obstacles, but in the end we will regain our knowledge from that mistake and look back. And as we look back, we would say," I would never stumble over that mistake again." And it has happened. You know that sometimes people just need to have faith, hope, also love and many more.

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