The Animators!

December 27, 2010

She’ll come at night
In her leaf-green dress
And with a sprinkle of magic dust,
We’ll fly to Neverland.

Winnie the Pooh

Too much honey,
Will make you
Fat and Stupid.
Don’t end up like,


One day, a British baby
Will kill his mother,
Hold his family hostage,
And take over the world.
What’s his name,

Little Mermaid

She asked Ursula, that beast, for
What are they called--
Too bad you can’t talk.
The innocent girl never wins.


Spongebob in a pineapple
Spongebob falls down steps
Spongebob says, “I’m ready!”
Spongebob fries a patty.
Spongebob plays with Patrick
Spongebob harasses Squidward.
Spongebob takes a driving test
Spongebob crashes
Spongebob screams
Spongebob fails (epically).

Mickey Mouse

I met an 82 year-old mouse,
In red pants,
Who was stalking me on my TV.
He said his name was Mickey

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