October 4, 2010
By behindbeauty BRONZE, Greenfield, Indiana
behindbeauty BRONZE, Greenfield, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
I found beauty in the world, and more faith in humanity.

Haiku A

Crunch, crunch, sounds the leaves
So delicate they now are
One step will crush them

Haiku B
Pat, crunch, pat, crunch, pat
Our feet betray us, they kill
They murder the leaves

Haiku C
So, let us not kill
But rearrange the miss fallen
Into the more safe

The author's comments:
You may assume that my previous haiku’s are about the way our feet fall upon the leaves, and crunch them. However, read deep into the meaning of the poems. Find the meaning. Its more than leaves.
The leaves are people we step on when climbing the ladder of success. We rob so many people of glory, and crush many dreams and souls as long as we can get to the next rung. So, why don’t we help the others up with us, instead of crushing them?

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