Love in a Year

September 16, 2010
By RadicalOmnicideXD BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
RadicalOmnicideXD BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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"There's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path." -Morpheus

Part 1 - Spring:

Spring starts a new year
The new year brings a new girl
That touches my heart

Part 2 - Summer:

That summer was warm
Then, she was in love with me
And my heart was hot

Part 3 - Fall

It gets cool in the fall
I'm starting to feel as is
She doesn't love me

Part 4 - Winter

The winter was cold
The last rose I gave her died
Like my broken heart

The author's comments:
This was originally intended to be a project for my Creative Writing class at my high school, in which I had to write 4 Haikus.

Since I had 4 Haikus, I decided to make each a reference to a season of the year (Spring, summer, fall, and winter). But why stop there? I decided that all of my haikus would tell the tale of a relationship that occured over the course of one year, and each season would represent a stage in the relationship from start to breakup.

So, as you can tell, as the year progress, the relationship peaks and of course, meets its own demise. I also made a project for these haikus, and took it a step forward by creating a clock out of posterboard and each season corresponds to the part of a clock. As the clock progress, the color of it changes (Representing the change in the mood) and also the condition of it changes to correspond with the mood of the relationship (Ex. The font changes).

Unfortunately, I cannot post the project up, but nonetheless, I hope you enjoy my rather mediocre haikus! ^_^

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