School Receives an F And Other Random Flashes in my Brain. A Series of HaikusBy Tim Swan

June 10, 2010
By Tim Swan BRONZE, Lake Forest Park, Washington
Tim Swan BRONZE, Lake Forest Park, Washington
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How come whenever
I least expect it I am
Bombarded by stuff?

Honestly, it’s June
It should be eighty five out
But it’s just sixty

I really want to
Feel the powder in my face
Ski season is done

I wrote a story
Twenty five pages of fun
Will she read my work?

I am starting to
Doubt the education
I am receiving
Front row fantasies
Daylight starts to shine so bright
My mind creations

Education is
Slowly becoming much worse
Throughout my high school

School hasn’t passed again
School has failed hard at its own job
School is unneeded

Fair is fair, sometimes
Fair is not in some places
Lower your standards

Whatever happened
To the innocence of youth
What? No more magic?

Baseball is a game
Of thinking and reactions
I freaking love it

What’s new? Said gnu
Stuff is whack. said the slick cat
So true. Said gnu

Please don’t tell me that
I’m well aware you don’t care
Leave me out to rot

The squeaky leather
The shining flowing fluids
The days of our lives

Jump in already
I’m tired of excuses
Go big or go home

Somehow like past times
The twisted and the deranged
You know I hate that

Little games of yours
Go to the top and shout out
Oh! Crying lightning

What does school offer?
Poison for the rest of life?
Purpose? Its worthless

On Saturday nights
I am feeling all right but
I always wonder

Just go forth and be
Don’t let those who drag you down
Take away what’s yours

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