Ho's Haikus

March 26, 2010
By luckey BRONZE, Unalaska, Alaska
luckey BRONZE, Unalaska, Alaska
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Summer is quite bright,
Warm and sunny as hot spring
High as a campfire

Winter is quite dark,
Chilly shallow as cold ice,
like a popsicle

Jazz is very blue,
Sadness and Smoothness combined,
A song of solo

Bees are hard workers,
In their home of soft honey,
They fly together

Birds fly happily,
Singing in their nest at spring
Waiting for their chicks

Vultures fly in heat,
Waiting for their meal to come,
They thrive in deserts,

Apples are so sweet,
Many different colors,
Some are small and soft,

Trees are big and some are small,
Some are strong and soft
Even pliable

Gold is very rare,
Rare to find in vast hard soil,
Hard to pull it out

Trees are different,
All trees have abilities,
To do what they can

Strong Tarantulas,
Strong to kill a human being,
very venomous

Variable Winds,
sometimes high sometimes lower,
In the heat or cold

Silk is smooth and soft,
Made in different countries,
Used for materials,

Oceans contain life,
Life that fears their predators,
Hides in rough terrain

Cats are exciting,
Some are wild and some are tame,
Furry and skinny.

Rattlesnakes warn prey,
that they are threatening it,
they hear rattling.

Lions are fierce cats,
Vicious and hungry for food,
Kings of their own pride.

Eagles are honored,
The symbol of U.S.A.
And presidential

Hawks are fierce hunters,
With deadly claws that can kill
And a beak that chews

Oil black and sticky
Stuck in between the earth’s crust,
And spits when released.

Oysters are like rocks
Hard and plain with gray color,
Inside that sparkles

Dogs are loyal pets
They are helpers and best friends
Can be messy too

Igloos are c hilly.
Small from outside, landscape view
Warm and big inside

Seaweed are sea plants
Dark green and mossy color
In oceans and seas

Raccoons are night thieves
They steal everything they see
They steal some trash too

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