I love High School: A collection of haikus

March 9, 2010
By Anonymous

The first day at school
Plastic smiles on faces
No one is secure

It's the second week
Classes have been decided
Some friends have been made

The end of the month
Most get down to business
The rest just lay back

Dead tired in class
Notice the girl behind you
I think she likes me

Going to the mall
With you, the girl and some friends
Being just useless

The bass shakes my bones
All crowd tightly together
For a single dance

Finals arrive soon
Nights spent at friends studying
Were unproductive

Finals go all day
Everyone is nervous
My palms are sweaty

The tests are over
Happiness and glee ensue
Finally can sleep

My girl has left me,
Suicide crosses my mind.
Sleepless nights again

Friends try to console,
I stubbornly refuse them.
I'm really hopeless

I got over it.
Vowed to avoid girls, always.
That didn't work out

Vacation is here
Several months to do nil
I'm really content

School is coming soon
Going to shop for supplies
Excited as heck

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