The Battles We Fight

February 10, 2010
By , Commack, NY
She was always there
She took my hand, helped me fly
My older cousin

Twas hard to be sad
When I was, she stood by me
Always by my side

Two years above I
There she stood, so brave, so tall
No doubt¬ in the mind

She had it all
Til the day I saw her fall
I had to step up

She pulled back her sleeve
Showed me the slits in her wrist
Her and I, we cried

All words disappeared
Then I took her by the hand
Told her it’d be fine

Yet somehow I lied
Went too far, it all dripped out
Blood falls drip by drip

Now she is condemned
Stuck within hospital walls
Mind is free at last

Why she would do it?
Something I may never know
How I love her so

I come visit you
Tears. They flew from our eyes
As I cracked a smile

Then I spoke these words:
You had once lent me your hand
Now, I’ll give you mine

Together we’ll fight
We’ll fight through our tears and blood
The Battle we fight

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TheColorSilver said...
Mar. 3, 2010 at 9:22 pm
line 10 should read: She had had it all.
Sorry about that, my computer must have auto corrected it
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