Childhood Friends

January 2, 2010
By InkRavens GOLD, Rochester, Massachusetts
InkRavens GOLD, Rochester, Massachusetts
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"How you shine just depends on where you've been placed beneath the spot light."- Dani Marston

So That Was My Life
That Was Who I Used To Be
Time Changes So Much.

I Used To Be Her
I Used To Tell Those LIes To You
Time Changes So Much.

I Used To Fallow
I Never Was The Leader
Time Changes So Much.

Never Said Too Much
I Was Always The Silence
Time Changes So Much.

By The TIme You Left
I Was Someone I Was Not.
I Guess That Is Why

I Still Pity You
You And Your Childish Ways
Now Tell Me My Friend

What It Is I've Done Wrong This TIme.

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