My Door to the Light

December 5, 2009
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I close my eyes, in silence.
I can see a door.
Made entirely of light.

My heart skips a beat in time.
I reach for the knob.
But it's moving from my reach.

I cry out, for it to stop.
Yet still, it fades out.
I can feel it, leer inside.

Checking if my heart is pure.
Free of ill intent.
To find, that I am worthy.

It opens, and I step through.
Fearful, yet amazed.
Of what, I would soon partake.

Stars shine, as bright as the sun.
The blue moon rings out.
As I stand upon new lands.

Planet Earth is far behind.
The creatures roam free.
The people sleep peacefully.

I can see my reflection.
Through crystal waters.
I awaken, drenched in sweat.

It is, but a dream for me.
Just a lucid dream.
The dormant door within me.

The peace never existed.
Shedding angry tears.
My warm heart begins to break.

A secret door, made of light.
I ponder, lonely.
That's what heaven must be like...

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