Most Recent Free Verse Poems

Here are the most recent free verse poems:

Turning Off Life Support
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We are the result of a seed. A seed that went through rigorous obstacles. From being buried in total darkness of a place Unbeknownst to the petite beginning- Only to be submerged in water or lack thereof In order to endure the waves of... (more »)
Different Kind of Pretty
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She's pretty in a quiet way that is subtle and sneaky. Her beauty is not that of a rose, but rather that of morning dewdrops which clings to the blooming flower. She's pretty with her messy hair and ink stained fingertips. She's... (more »)
she knew better
By , brooklyn, NY
she watched the world she loved crumble apart she watched it get destroyed from a distance she knew better she thought to herself she knew better than to speak up she knew better than to make a difference she knew better than to have a... (more »)
Today and Before
By , Austin, TX
Today, I breathe again. It is a lost moment reclaimed by persistence and love. I decided I love you more than I loved the disease that promised me I could love myself. It made twisted promises of course, But promises rooted in me so deeply... (more »)
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Who knew walking could be so challenging We all do it Everyday of our lives, we walk But what about the clumsy Who said it would be easy if you can't keep your balance If the little things in your path make you trip Like the pebbles or... (more »)
She'll Always Be Enough
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I dont want my daughter to ever lay in her bed, And think why am i not good enough for this man. Why doesn't he say he loves me anymore? Why has our connection just stopped? Why is it that he doesn't look at me the same? I dont... (more »)
That's All
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I'm a good girl with some bad girl tendencies. I've never been one to compromise my priorities. Some hide behind masks of perfection, but I'll never pretend to be one of these, I've known far too many insecurities. Many say... (more »)
Leaving the Windshield Behind
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Glass wall of protection Silencing the raindrops as they try to lure me in with their beautiful showers Knowing I'll end up cold, wet, and alone. Hiding me from the hailstorm that will tear my heart apart. Dodging the icy balls of... (more »)
Commute Thoughts
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The commute is different depending on the time of day In the morning The train cars smell of men’s cologne and fresh dry-cleaning and shiny shoes Of flat-iron-burned hair and perhaps the child three seats down has used raspberry... (more »)
Where I Am From
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I am from a five year old boy, longing to be a firefighter saving lives of frogs in my yard, putting on BAND-AIDS, extinguishing bon-fires. From Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller, softly wafting through the halls. Forming my old fashion ways.... (more »)
Toy Soldiers
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When I look at my green-blazen soldiers, Frozen in a heroic stance, I look at the truth of it all. The truth lies with those across the world Who are fighting for our safety Fighting for our freedom. They are not made of plastic Not... (more »)
Color Blind
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Yellow for the excitement in my eyes when you told me I was beautiful. White for the veil that was over me so I couldn’t see the truth. Pink for the love I had for you. Did you feel the same? Or was it all just a sad game? Burning red for... (more »)
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why must i assign every song an emotion it evokes in me and file them into neat heaps of inspiration called playlists can i not mix them together the more chaotic the better and feel whatever i am led to by a random click of the... (more »)
why free verse
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why do we read free verse and write it more often than we do sonnets it must be the relieving sense of liberation it casts over these wretched souls with so many ineffable torrents within and the tides of time rising and falling far... (more »)
A Writer
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I can feel them bubbling under my skin   He breaks a plate at her feet... They fill me from the top of my head to the tips of my toes, to the core of my heart.  Her cat generally gave good advice... Their kingdoms are the two halves of... (more »)
I Am Not a Poet
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I am not a poet, for poets lie It's their favorite thing to do Frivilous words, a pity, while I Am happy to tell you the truth   Your eyelids are not like rose petals Your hair is not soft as a dove's But you are peace in the chaos... (more »)
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