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Most Recent Free Verse Poems

Here are the most recent free verse poems:

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October 26, 2014   As she coughed up the illness attacking her lungs, she wished she could do the same with the illness in her heart and mind. The gunk in her lungs would be chased away with some antibiotics, but what about the illness... (more »)
Prince Charming
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Where is my prince charming? The one I dream of as I lay under the stars, The one I want for the rest of my life, To come rest in my bed to hold me tight beside him, To love for all of eternity,   Where is my prince charming?... (more »)
Life’s ups and downs
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As a flower grows Another flower dies And as somebody fails Another person try’s These consequential lies Pathological liars in disguise One with mythological wings tried reaching high Funny how he didn't fly Life’s up... (more »)
Why? A Simple Question
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Why?   It's a simple question with many answers, but do we ever really hear the whole truth? Have we heard every reason? Every story?   For our sake, I hope not. (more »)
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The battle with life
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Sometimes I wonder what is the  meaning of life, the things that's going on within this world isn't right, Trying to figure out my life, instead I get knocked out I tried to fight, I lost the battle I've fought with life I closed my... (more »)
The Fall
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My soul, as vast as the open ocean, Always feels so cold. Each passing summer, I feel myself becoming old, Like a silky, white willow. Lifeless leaves dance away with Fall’s breeze. Sunless days glide through baby blue skies. As rain... (more »)
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Lights Flickering Getting closer Squinting, pinching Pulling at your skin Stretching faint wrinkles Feeling the scars And questioning each freckle Aquatic eyes Smeared with charcoal Sun-kissed skin Buried in sand Pearly teeth Matted... (more »)
Ocean Love
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“Our lips crashed together like waves, a love so deep the oceans couldn’t conquer. We loved with the force of hurricane; no storm could stop us. When I fell into the abyss you calmed me like the dead sea,.. until the day we walked upon... (more »)
What is love?
So love. Love seems difficult to me, not have experienced it myself, but I who really knows what love is? Is love a feeling? Is it tangible? The Buddhists say that if you really love someone you feel relaxed with that person, and calm.  In my... (more »)
Our Actions
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Isn't it cray that we are all held together by a string of hope or the rope of faith. Isn't it crazy that we want to love each toher but yet we fight. Isn't it crazy that we say what we want but do other wise. I believe it's insane how we as... (more »)
A Breath Of Life
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Some look to the right Some look to the left Some live a long life Others shortened by death No one really thinks”this could be my last breath” Hoping to live more when they really live less But as life progress Of course I’m go... (more »)
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As I saunter through the brambly woodland My peepers behold an alluring rose The black eyed susan, felt modest as gust trickled all over How beguiling it seemed, as it said I would stop the clocks from turning, turning And let the... (more »)
hello old friend
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hello old friend i wish it's been longer since i've seen you you're here to prick me i know it's ok do what you need to. yes tie me down it's always easier when i am still and breathing. yes choose your best weapon i've seen... (more »)
This Stretch of Infinity
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It is ten o’clock at night. I should be asleep. I know that. Nighttime is when the day stretches into reality. Nighttime is when I remember everything. I love the moon. It is bright, And I hold it in my heart for my friend. She... (more »)
Worthless, Priceless
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their words mean something mine just lazily fit into sentences that don't matter there are times where i believe i don't matter i probably don't these fragmented thoughts i string into verses that the illiterate people eat up with starving... (more »)
This Room
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The Snowflakes outside drift down and away, They stay and then they melt away, She ran in the room then walked out, But left me with doubt, For I cant leave this room, This room I call my life, (more »)
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