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Most Recent Free Verse Poems

Here are the most recent free verse poems:

Your Maze
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Our minds are a never-ending maze filled with walls and dead ends, A puzzle waiting for a challenger. walls built from regret, hurt, and one-way love, And the dead ends made from people who claimed they'd be forever, but never were. 
... (more »)
I need a friend because you WONT.
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I need a friend. I need a friend, who doesn't understand why one day i'll hurt them. Why one day I cant make ends meet But why I must fleet I need a friend, who wont know why But will always try, try to understand, Who will try to meet... (more »)
Winter Reflection
By , Needham, MA
The winter never seems to end. It seems to hold me in it's chill. It lives in every empty bottle And in the heart of all these pills. I'm lost in the flurry of thoughts That I can't seem to overcome I'm immune to the depression hidden... (more »)
When The Earth Took Her
Its effects finally began to subside The entirety of civilization had vanished. The world was abandoned. And she was gone What was left of my mind was scattered Like pollen grains on a windy day. My thoughts, completely disconnected from... (more »)
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I m born with potential I m born with goodness I m born with courage I m born with wings I am not meant for crawling because I have wings I will fly, I will fly, I will fly.... ? (more »)
She's done.
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She's done. She's done. She can't do it anymore. She can't smile anymore. She can't breathe anymore. She's done. She's done. She can't compete anymore. She can't move her feet anymore. She can't see anymore. She's done. She's done. She can't eat... (more »)
Let Everyone In
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She's being passed around Like a basketball To them it's a game To he it's a goal So maybe it belongs on a court She hasn't spent a night alone For maybe a year But her whole life she'scnever felt loved Ten years later They... (more »)
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My pen is my cigarette It feeds me It fulfills my empty hand It’s art. Reading is like second hand smoke. And writing is what engraves itself into my lungs. Fresh and crisp My own flavor Reading, writing, drawing Creating and... (more »)
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I open my eyes and see a beautiful girl I open my eyes, look in the mirror and see a mess. As I look at her standing on the scale, I think I hope she doesn't think she needs to lose weight, because she's perfect to me. I must of gained... (more »)
Con Moto This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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All along, he was memorizing Handel The way he taught himself to worship Fullness, Alberti bass, That perfect wrong chord with one Too many g sharps. The way I breathed through his wax paper lungs And tanning baby skin, When all sorts of... (more »)
Why fear
In the wheats a day, the rat posed to the crow, “why do you scream at the dwells of man?” “I scream thus they hear me. I scream thus they see me. I scream thus they fear me.” The crow said to the rat “and why you shall ask that I... (more »)
But no one heard her
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"I'm going mad," she said, No one was listening, but for the voices in her head.   "I wish to die," she said, but no one heard her; 'twas only in her head.   "No more!" she said, took the pills, and went to bed. (more »)
Woes of Weathering Worlds
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Born a bloody jewel, atop a verdant stem,     bestowed with a wreath of hued petals, encircled by her sisters, who would bathe in the golden glimmers of sunlight, basking in the intensity of its ardor, infusing into the ambience the... (more »)
Wondering This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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It was born In an envelope Nursed on ink And fears It flew away One night To ice-skate At the edge Of a black hole Watching the light Disappear Taking flight Into infinity (more »)
Trigger Warning
By , San Francisco, CA
T R I G G E R  W A R N I N G. The combination of seemingly benign letters that sends a small jolt of anorexic anxiety through every pore, every blood vessel, every cell that forms the tattered vehicle of transportation I call my body. The... (more »)
Russian Roulette
By , yuba city, CA
Tonight's moods have been playing with my head. Fun's up, gun's up, I'm playing Russian Roulette. Our minds have swirled as the bullet goes free. Not a care in the world because it's coming to me. Your spirit had grown cold and... (more »)
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