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Most Recent Free Verse Poems

Here are the most recent free verse poems:

I Looked Everywhere
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Yeah I'm nervous, I'm shaking. A tsunami washed over my brain caused by some earth quaking. So many thoughts, too many questions. My brain is playing hide and seek and the answers are nowhere to be found. I looked for the truth but it wasn't... (more »)
If Love
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If love was a song i would sing it to you all the time   if love was a book i would read it to you every night   if love was a picture i would take a million photographs   if love was a movie i would never stop filming... (more »)
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The mask
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She's always smiling, jumping around little do you know she doesn't want to be in a crowd   Her eyes sparkle with life little do you know she she cuts herself with a knife   She's always laughing playing around little do you know... (more »)
Streets and Filth
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No matter how much it rained, the streets smelled rotten to those who are in them   For a handsome, clean man to walk in, he will come out an ugly, putrid grotesque figure with an attitude like a wolf   What you hear in the... (more »)
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Greek Fire
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Tongues of fire surround me and try to lick my body. The building burns from the explosion. The Phoenix calls me. Its hawk-like talons and seven foot wingspan intimidates me. Wings of flame engulf me. Heat scorches my body. I think to... (more »)
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Where I'm from
I'm from waking up to the beautiful sound of your soft voice         to the buzzing sound of my alarm I'm from fantasy bedtime stories         to "go to sleep, it's late" I'm from walking to school with you         to... (more »)
The Therapist Said Write
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Sometimes I feel like angry words slipping out of a pen (that trembles in the hand that clutches at half-truths, that plague the conscience of a half-formed youth) showering and cascading in a greyscaled rainbow, in much the same... (more »)
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"Always" was said more than once between you and I, those comforting words always in my mind declaring a love in a time of hate. Everything I loved flashed before my eyes gone. My heart, my best friend, my love gone instantly. Joy soon... (more »)
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i have been desperately trying to remember the taste of when i kissed you because i know you did not leave acid in the back of my throat and it’s a gross exaggeration to say supernovas erupted on our tongues our kiss was not poetic. it was... (more »)
Chapped Lips
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they wonder why i would tug with my teeth until little flecks of flesh flake and leave a metal taste on my tongue well, peeling away the past can be painful. and the fresh layer may throb but i will not rest until i have a pair of lips... (more »)
Would You Remember
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You walked up to me and told me your name was Heather. For three days we were inseparable. We ate together, walked together, and talked for hours. We both hated bacon and loved white chocolate. On the last day, you gave me your phone... (more »)
A Love Affair
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my hands rest in the blades of sweetgrass and i find myself more in love with the feeling of the soft, supple soil between my fingertips than i ever felt in your arms (more »)
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my poems have always been about you you you you you you the way your fingers drum on the steering wheel and the colors of your eyes under fluorescent lights but as soon as i try to dig into myself i find that i am completely at a loss for... (more »)
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They’ve been with you Through your whole life… Just watching Judging Pointing out every single mistake Every single flaw They know you more than anyone Sometimes better than you could ever know yourself They’ve raised you Molded... (more »)
Cold friend
Everyone says lifes hard well that is true i guess my bestfriend is cold as ice he's shiny and silver nobody ever sees us because then they would know that my bestfriend is a blade, but yet  he is my enemy as well but that is... (more »)
Creation Story
By , Chatham, VA
You told me a story once about how the moon was in love with the sea, but they could never be together, so the sea created the stars in the sky to keep the moon company. I thought about how I am the sea and you are my moon You are a ball of... (more »)
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