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Most Recent Free Verse Poems

Here are the most recent free verse poems:

Hit Me
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Love is a violent thing It cracks you open and lets your insides spill Out, sidelining Your name, Your face, Your will to pull yourself together Filling spaces that had only dust before The world doesn’t hold back, it Winds up and... (more »)
Hate Is No Longer Allowed!
The war on terror Can induce some of us into error To hate and discriminate against certain groups And collect money to support the troops; Surrounded by conspiracy We concentrate on piracy Instead of the real issues We’re tearing the... (more »)
The Way We Were, The Things We Become
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Do you remember Saturday like it was yesterday?, When you called me in tears asking for an escape, Do you remember when I drove to your house at night?, Your parents still don't know I was there to hold you, Do you remember the lines I... (more »)
Awaken to blood
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It's as if somebody has been strangling me for years, they press hard and harder on my neck, they threaten to break it but their work results in only bruises, all those aching days and wounded breaths I took as time fell apart, but now... (more »)
It's All Your Fault
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I'm not even going to tell you How much I've cried in the last two years How much I've hated myself How much I've died Because of you. If this never got out of hand If you would have done your job If you would have... (more »)
He Who Is He
By , Wasilla, AK
A man laying on a field peering at the tedious lilac sky wonderswhy he who is he is so distant with she who is she that only he has been labeled crude names and kicked into a ditch named depression. And While tries his hardest to crawl out... (more »)
Self Conflict
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And so I sit here Silently waging wars with myself That will never be won Over matters that will never be solved Thoughts flood through my over flowing mind And tears also as my purpose slowly floats away (more »)
Land of the Lost
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"You're beautiful!" They say But all I see are flaws As I'm trapped in the jaws of self hatred Amidst others who feel the same way But refuse to show it Welcome to the Land of the Lost As I like to call it It is easy... (more »)
She is
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She's reckless, She's restless, She's fearless, And gorgeous, She can be frightful, And she's spiteful, But delightful, She's my angel. (more »)
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What would it mean to be, If all the world were blind? Walking through life, Not only free of sight, but Free of judgement Free of looking back Free of regret. Yes, that's a world I would like to live in A world free of it's own... (more »)
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Sirens filled the night, the tears of their loved ones awake. Another high school party just made the headline page. Three drunken teenagers unrealizing the pain they'd cause. crashed into a tree one night. The knees of their loved ones... (more »)
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I. Sometimes I think, 'all these hands are good for is note-taking.' II. It makes me tremble, that I might never have some- thing of my own to say. III. Ripping pages out of the books of my favorite authors; aspiring, mimicking.... (more »)
Tick Tock
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the past consumes us The future has us by our toes And nobody knows Which makes it hard for us to trust Minutes tick on by Almost sounding like a lullaby Tick tock tick tock Life is wasting away So I guess I'll stay And do the... (more »)
Useless Words
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Words Stuck in my mind My throat Scribbled on this paper in a useless heap Because I can never find the right ones When I open up to speak. (more »)
I Keep Writing Metaphors About You
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There’s always a labyrinth beneath Your two story sentences, Like you’re giving me a daisy for behind my ear, but really its stinging nettle. You leave me retching On my own personality Because you are an oxymoron; An angelic demon of... (more »)
I feel
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I feel-- Hopeless, Important, Lost, Independent, Broken, Weightless, Nothing. Why can't you understand? I can't be what you want me to be. What do you want from me? Drowning in this ocean of uncertainty. I... (more »)
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