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Most Recent Free Verse Poems

Here are the most recent free verse poems:

Everything now a days It's all based off of looks Whether your skinny or "fat" Short or tall Whether you have a chest or not Or whether you're curvy or not curvy It's all cruel judgement Everybody has certain... (more »)
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She said she got mad doubt in me which hurts foreal if i start to think about it too much it'll start to kill me inside everyday i ask why i do the things i do before i cry yea i know you getting tired of me and im trying to change so we... (more »)
Pipes Leaking Green Dreams
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Bottles that whisper dirty secrets and pipes that leak green dreams. Small white pills with thrills that kill and they tell you "stay in school". With Books that open universes and words that mean a million different things, how can I... (more »)
I Know Baseball
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I’ve known baseball: I’ve known baseball like the back of my hand and longer than Babe Ruth has been called the Great Bambino.      My work ethic builds through baseball. I was born knowing Sam Distefano Park and smelling the fresh... (more »)
Forget: Forget The time I told you I never wanted to see you again And why ?I can’t Go back To the howling screams But I need the guy with the blue eyes  Without you I’m a cat in a dog fight I’m reckless? Without  The guy... (more »)
When I Saw You
When I saw you, my heart would pound, It was difficult to calm down. When I saw you, I would smile, And it was impossible to frown. When I saw you, my pulse did quicken, The marching band rung in my ears. When I saw you, my hands were... (more »)
The patchwork heart.
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You had my heart. You had it locked in a cage. You fed it lies.  You took it out and played with. You threw it and it came back. You beat it to shreds.  Then you patched it up and beat it again. It fell for your tricks. It fell... (more »)
She called me from this downtown parking lot Help me Confusion floods her words. Where’s my family? What’s going on? Confusion floods my mind. Where is my mother? This is not my mother.   Lights flashing Red and blue Sirens... (more »)
Gets Up
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Hard Fighter Dented Kicked Striking out before even swinging Warm hugs for the lonely Gets up Hard fighter Young hearted Never giving up Guilty southerner Dad’s never coming home Striking out before even swinging... (more »)
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Tomorrow never comes It never shines It never Moves. Tomorrow is too long To far away. Tomorrow will never be Today (more »)
Rocky The Dog
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Here’s a story of a dog named Rocky He was a puppy And all alone Until one day when I found him Now he lives with a lovely family He is a doggy And he is loved Now he eats a lot He loves to be inside He’s getting fatter And he is... (more »)
A ball of light, immense beauty That amplifies bases and distances in between Blurry eyes, prominence of the boundless outfield, cheerful Of the exhilaration athletes, eye of the diamond, satisfaction Of the red, white, and blue,... (more »)
Global Climate
I am earth… In tune with her nature as of achy knees on rising days to Marking spring with swollen eyes and stuffed nose To show our children the beauty of life To help polar bears and pandas survive To claim to the world that this... (more »)
My love, my only
i made you a tower of protection after destroying your tower of fear and while i am not with you in person i still give you much cheer you call me your dragon full of strength and wisdom i have given you much but most importantly,... (more »)
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I have been through hell the last 18 years of my life. I have had a teacher compare my past to someone else’s, It was said that mine story would not touch another. But why would you compare my life to another students. When you were not... (more »)
Wrestling For Life
GO! FIGHT! PIN! WIN! Take them down. To the mat. Take them down! Wrestle, Wrestle, Twist them like a pretzle. Tie them in a knot. Show them what you got! (more »)
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