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Most Recent Free Verse Poems

Here are the most recent free verse poems:

Invisible Tears
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You can't see them, the tears I hide inside. You walk right by me, never knowing that I am crying inside. Drip, Drip, Drip the tears hit the floor slowly hitting the ground taking all my energy and pain to the ground. These invisble tears... (more »)
Maria Ann
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I heard you hum, hum for my come, so here I am once more. Pasty fingers drag the cadaverous thorns, dead they've been sense you've come. Silver roses link a crown in your matted, tangled hair; the orphaned children of the dead vine. Your... (more »)
My Shadow
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Never alone, don't you forget. There is someone  black, behind you knowing your regrets. Holding your sins, holding your flaws ready to exploit them all. Holding your shape, but not the inside. The shadow can't copy your heart, it does... (more »)
The Unspoken Words I meant to say
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You left me, my heart died a little inside. You gave me everything, and I responded with nothing. I gave you hate, and you gave me love. For everything I did, and didn't I never will forget. I meant to tell you, the words that are so... (more »)
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The God of Two Faces
I am dying inside, Ephemeral sparks twisting upward Into the dark air Consumed by the night As the fading flames sink lower still Falling to the earth In shattered radiance Consumed by the starving maw Of vicious soil.   I am... (more »)
Something About You
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There is something about you, Something beautiful. The haters see it, They don't like it.   You recieve judgement, Jabs, jeers, And you give them your tears. You give them fuel.   They don't know you're getting abused,... (more »)
Mrs. Gamechanger
By , Houston, TX
You came You left I had awaken Then never slept From your arrival Chances were given As time had passed Those chances turned myths Life lessons occurred From dire moods You always appeared To cleanse those wounds You changed me... (more »)
By , plandome, NY
There stood mom with her bottles, what else’s new? Solely thinking about herself, no one else. Our feelings, our fear, crippling inside of us waiting to burst, all irrelevant, with her bottles. Waiting to be freed from her,... (more »)
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I look up at the sky at night and think to myself “Why?” So many questions and problems in the world, why? Why has this world been consumed by hate? Why has this world began to rot? We have all become machines, always working , always... (more »)
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when you look at me I can't help but hope Maybe You're done And I can finally cope   I loved you So you went for her And her And her   So you want more, Now? Probably with... (more »)
Stuck in a Nightmare
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I am tormented by my own memories, the way the circle around me shouting out all the wrongs I have done, all the mistakes I have made, and all the problems I have caused, I feel like a prisoner in my own mind, I'm trapped, I'm stuck in a nightmare. (more »)
A Mother's Shish Kabobs
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In my momma’s kitchen, where the wind whisked ingredients. Chopping up veggies and throwing them into the bowl. The smell of fresh veggies brings me to a paradise of relaxation. Zzzip! Zzzip!  The blender turns on... (more »)
What Makes a Banana a Banana? A Poem about the...
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You are described as edible yet insipid and unlike a more famous family member you contain dormant versions of yourself. To many, you are undesirable. You are labeled as false. Still you reach forward in the scorching African sun, the... (more »)
The Little Lady
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Brown Hair Hazel Eyes But this is on the outside Will you take a chance And look inside? My mind is my home To hide the hopes and dreams The horrors and nightmares To be protected, this sacred site People think I’m crazy Do you... (more »)
Feel Again
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I can't be angry anymore I can't be sad anymore I can't feel anymore Tell me how, How am I Supposed to Face my life and feel Nothing? Tears burned my mother's cheeks Worry stained my father's face I told them I'm okay mom, please... (more »)
New Me
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they say i let go of myself lost my way in cheap joints and a boy who forgot his own name to remember mine but i merely replenished an empty palate lay barren through rounded hinges. i refilled my glass with boys who get lost on evening... (more »)
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