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Most Recent Free Verse Poems

Here are the most recent free verse poems:

Broken Record
I should have known His mouth was full of crap The first time he had opened it. It smelled rancid - his breath, And it was ironic that one day his lies Would be just as horrible.  Every time he opened his lips to speak,... (more »)
Staying Content
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I am staying content I am going to school I am going to work I am staying content I am loving you Knowing you do not love me Yet I am staying content Life on repeat Button Broken I am content My one best friend in life, Feeling as... (more »)
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Don't call me that
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I call her by her first name Not out of disrespect Not out of teenage moodiness But because she calls me daughter With respect And teenage moodiness (more »)
We Look Down At Our Feet
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I look at the ground Where my 5 year old grandfather once ran  Running to ring the rusted church bell To warn the town The Germans are coming I can see my grandfather’s 8-year old footprint He went to the market one day And... (more »)
All Dreams.
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I was alone like you, That hurt me from inside, You were so truly in love , But you just brake my dreams,in which we were . I just gone from me self, And got around the world, But you never will come back to me, I just want freedom,which can... (more »)
junior year
By , Colton, CA
and your head spins and your body's tired and sleep is your only desire but you force yourself to get up    to stay up  to grow up (more »)
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Wild and free flowing in the wind.  A continuous melody as the larkspurs grace eachother.  Surrounded by multitudes of color slowly your vision blurs and you are one. Such a pure thing interuppteddaily by the hustle of life.  Freely flowing... (more »)
Father Figure
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Hey. I know we haven't talked in such a long time. I miss you, I really do. Things are just, so hard right now. I'm stressed out because of my promotion and what prestigious school wants to take me. It's funny how... (more »)
By , Lonsdale, MN
Unfathomable are the crests and troughs I must traverse to gather with you at that place, You surpass me though I am your anterior, Yet your success puts a smile on my face. What enchantment granted you this wondrous grace? Rather, why do... (more »)
So Long, and Goodnight.
I watched the life fade away  from those eyes of yours tonight. I didn't want you to be alone,   so I had watched carefully as your limbs went limp; and your lifeless body struggled in the search to find the light.... (more »)
Wishing Well
By , Fort Collins, CO
I give you a coin. But what do I get in return? Maybe the faint belief that what I wish will truly come true. That one in a million chance that maybe my desire will one day be admired. But then I remember it’s not true. You’re... (more »)
A Dystopian Utopia
By , Aurora, IL
A massive explosion Spanning two thousand miles Lights up the lands like they were hit by the sun. Rivers and lakes are non-existent, Instantly boiling away from a temperature Of seven hundred million degrees Fahrenheit. Brighter than the... (more »)
I don't know what to write
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I don't know what to write I am thinking and thinking a lot I try to choose the titles But nothing entered my mind Really,I don't know what to write.   I ask people for the clues Some said, "Follow your heart"... (more »)
Brackets Busted
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Brackets busted before round two, now it's just me and you; we know money’s on the line, crap my team is down by nine. (more »)
Impossible Dreams
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Movies of the mind The love and warmth Searing feelings of joy Projected by a twisting reel Onto the wall of Imagined thoughts   Reaching that place Was always viewed Through the binoculars Of a stretched out hope Seemed so... (more »)
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Every single time I place the final 2,000th piece on the puzzle, I think the same exact thing: why the hell did I just waste a hundred hours of my life on this? I could have actually done homework assignments, or made friends, or helped... (more »)
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