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Most Recent Free Verse Poems

Here are the most recent free verse poems:

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Leaves crunch under my feet The wind blows my hair back from my face softly My ocean blue eyes watch the late afternoon sun Cascade down the sky A beautiful, blazing ball of fire I can feel the heat prickle down my back As I drop my pen... (more »)
Take My Self
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There’s nothing about you that’s Soft or sweet. You’re all hard edges and cruel words; you’d never be humbled by the ocean or the stars. Yet you intrigue me with your enigmatic eyes, like a combination lock, and you are no less... (more »)
down the aisle
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the stink of alcohol intoxicate us with their wild substances powerful as psychosis what’s hijacked our brains? unorthodox, wearing addictions like veils swallowing words those lips a bit too thin too hard in their refusal to express... (more »)
The Letter I Shouldn't Need to Write
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Dear you. Yes this is for you. I'm doing well, I'm progressing You'd be proud, you should see me No. You should see me. See where I'm at, how far I've come. See the things I've done without you. See the parts of my I choose to show you.... (more »)
The Waves
By , Tucson, AZ
The Waves roll against the front of my skull reaching in desperation for a grip against my brow but they must fade into deep waters They merge into ocean far from the shore here in the dark endless depths appear but few are swept in... (more »)
The Crack in My Head
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Where are the words that make my mind rhyme   Sinking gently in pattern into quite spaces   Sweet and smooth a honey kiss dancing in fluid steps   Humming tunes impregnated in golden spun truths  ... (more »)
Flowers Bloom
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Flowers bloom unconsciously giving gift to earth, silent beauty. They sing but their notes are too long and sweet and so, they never find the right ears. Their silence is the most striking sound one is... (more »)
Soil's Souls
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The trees tingle, then shiver at the winds touch soft and full of breath.   And the leaves trickle sweetly Clinging to kin   Brothers and sisters, fevered in yellows and oranges staining fragile skin  ... (more »)
Midnight's Touch
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Midnight's touch is soft Like a sweet It cradles and warms Such that a brisk new breeze From a fire's top Sobs Ripe in serenity But too, thick And muddled In disease. And I, Breath it in Suckling... (more »)
The Truth of Lies
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-The Truth of Lies-I was talking to a young lady the other day. She asked me how I was doing and I simply responded good. She didn’t buy it and called me a liar. That’s when I looked her in the eyes and said, “That’s exactly what I... (more »)
People in the Hallways
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I know her name, Not the thoughts That make her who she is. A sad book examined, Briefly in the hallways. Torn paperback cover. I don’t know The secrets She keeps quiet. We all know names, But we don’t know What makes... (more »)
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When I was younger, The idea of catcalling seemed so appealing. I mean, who wouldn't want to be complimented day in and day out by boys in the neighborhood? You think they're gonna say "Hello, you look so nice today." You think they're... (more »)
"What Are You?"
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"So, like, what are you?" What am I? I am the skinny Latina on the streets of Brooklyn And the privileged white boy in a mini mansion. I am when the art teacher tells you not to mix the wrong colors together, Or you'll end up with an ugly... (more »)
Spoken Word
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I like poetry.  I like moving picture poetry. I like hearing the voice of the soul that was lost,  The voice of the legs that were forced open, The voice of the lips of the lungs filled with ash. I like it when their hands move, ... (more »)
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Okay... is this how it goes? Wake up, eat and get ready, drive to church on a Sunday morning. Are you perpared to take the wheel, are you perpared to step out of your vehicle and walk on in? To hear the preacher preach about our savior, about... (more »)
Waiting For Inspiration
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If you're waiting for inspiration to strike It might be true But tell no one. Trust me.  (more »)
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