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Most Recent Free Verse Poems

Here are the most recent free verse poems:

The Truth About How I Feel
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Okay so, apparently love is blind, or maybe it's just me. Everyone saw it and said we had chemistry. For the past 11 years, you made it seem like you didn't like me at all. But you told your sister the truth and harder I decided to fall.... (more »)
Blank Page
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I can't think of anything to write. I'm trying so hard, only to be rewarded with a blank mind. They call it writers block. The words you want to write and express with, just don't come. Now you may think that, to write a... (more »)
cant believe you cant tell
By , san diego, CA
it hurts to be this way hurts to feel this way cant believe i just fell cant believe you cant tell i guess i hide it well tell me can you help can you bandage up my cuts or will you make room for more these scars will never leave youve... (more »)
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you walked by, as the earth revolves around you, you think you're good, not like any other fools, i stand here, looking at me, looking at you, you treat people like hell, they do not deserve, just like you treat me, a girl so... (more »)
My One Love
By , Salem, NH
I need to do this To find the unique thing in this world My mission, my purpose- my love Lonely nights Every night It must end There is one true love for me The world breaks down For my one unique His melodic... (more »)
To Angry Me:
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Tranquilize; take some time to hold your breath and close your eyes. Don’t forget what mother said: “Drop your fists, and count to ten.” Allow the steam to dissipate. Your heart will cool down, if you wait. Now, if the... (more »)
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Fuming, bleeding, running The edge of the world Is red on fire A golden sphere Sinks beneath the earth Dragging the clouds And the sky down with it Strip of purple The sky fighting Against the sun Melting away Beyond a twisting... (more »)
I Want A Different Life
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I'm dreaming about going to Island Paradise it's really far and its imperfect. Im gonna wear my comfortable clothes and let my hair down, once im there im gonna check in a room and ,im gonna talk to people and share emotions,im gonna... (more »)
Sea of Uncertainty
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Even though you may see darkness sprouting from every vein in your body, I swear to God I see every speck of goddamn light glowing from every freckle that lines your skin. I don't think you realize your worth and I don't think you... (more »)
"kissing you is starting to taste alot...
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I never stopped and realized that I was drowning in my own bathtub with the cold water all around my sad but also numb body. I was too busy dreaming of your hands around my body,falling in love with the feeling I once got with your laugh,gazing... (more »)
I Bet I Don't Run Through Your Mind
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Why don't we talk anymore? Why do I still stay up till 4 in the morning, with the the of you running through my mind? Why after all this time I still think of you? How are you? Is she happy with out me? Does she care about me? Does... (more »)
When I Was Younger
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When I was younger I thought the world was perfect, mine for the taking. I thought I’d be forever young, without a care in the world. When I was younger everything was perfect, seemed perfect. I did great in school and had friends that I... (more »)
if it is not too much to ask
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I know that you are A strict minimalist but im asking you to please keep me (more »)
no, we cannot fly
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Wild ears we have them screwed to our heads And they only detect The beating of courageous hearts No one ever questions why our wings give out under the moon It is just as well That during those times the plain paper whites Save us... (more »)
Pick A Season
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Seasons come and go, just as you did for so long. Changing and shining like summer, only to go cold as if you were winter. (more »)
The Light
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She saw the world in a different light. She saw the hope, the possibilities of the future. She always saw the good in the bad. She could find the upside to loss, abandonment, and disappointment. She could find happiness in a lonely, obscure... (more »)
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