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Most Recent Free Verse Poems

Here are the most recent free verse poems:

Her Hurricane
Catch me, As I fall. My saving grace, Has lost the will to live. And I’ll stay here. Will you try and save... My final rhapsody? All these thoughts flood my head. I can’t focus on a single one. They whirl around like a... (more »)
The Bottom Feeder
When these quiet mumbles fall down my lips, And when you hush the sound of these woods, When sun goes down... The fireflies will light me the way. The bottom feeders will come out to play. And all the leeches will come for your blood.... (more »)
Some of us get used to the silence. Some of us don’t. The voice I loved the most, is forever gone. And it’s silence is deafening. I call out to him, Hoping for an answer. But there is no voice in return. So I scream my... (more »)
I am from
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I am from the small and jubilant town of the Pilots where the unknown drift like a rough, edgy tumbleweed overseeing the established. From open lands and cornfields to patchy woods whose memories are locked deep within the soil of... (more »)
Vinyl This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
By , Easley, SC
vinyl. crisp melodies caressing eardrums, mild echoes filling the empty spaces of minds, & suddenly, you’re comfortably numb. mellow tunes course through veins, relieving the stress & burdens from your worries, all while the... (more »)
look up there, he's in heaven
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The Star Man has returned to the sky, Gravitating above, watching on as we cry. We could be heroes, just for one day, he preached; But didn’t he know this possibility had already been reached? Darkness overtook the heart, but the... (more »)
ode to my phone
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  You lay cold and lonely, Desperate for the warmth of my hands. You die slowly or rapidly depending on our daily activities, You wait impatiently for me to give you more life. You give me warning after warning that you're on... (more »)
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“Just do your best” they say “You tried your hardest” they say “It’s not the end of the world…” they say But is it? Is it when all I see is disappointment in your eyes and hear pity in your voice? Because you expected more... (more »)
I Always Forget My Roomate Takes a Nap on Every...
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it is the second month of my second year of college and things have slowly found their rhythm except when i throw the door open, back early from a four-hour chemistry lab brain too fried to notice a body breathing softly on the bottom bunk... (more »)
the garden
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a garden of black flowers wilting petals scorched and sweet fumes of fire seeping into the air with a tinge of freshness and rebirth in the scent the dark abyss of thoughts with a hundred black roses as you walk down the path with... (more »)
My Celestial Crush
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You’re a shining star in this big universe Cooler than a constellation ….I’m an unknown maurtian     Galaxies in your eyes, Cosmic chaos in my stomach, Stardust on your lips.     Astronomy- composition / energy of... (more »)
A Fatherless Daughter
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How did I end up hating Someone who I share DNA with. Every day is a struggle debating, Whether or not to forgive him. He has left me a wound That has not yet healed, It has been open for years, And it continues to consume The... (more »)
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A sight to behold for my tired eyes is the groundhog in the meadow. Waddling through the grass, munching on the greener parts to his content and sometimes standing up to observe the blanket of blue sky he lies under. May the... (more »)
He is a King to Me
It’s the way his Eyes Sparkle green in The sun. The smile that He does So that he can Get his way. The way his Shoulder length Hair Frames his face. All make me Melt Inside It’s all perfect And listen Baby when I Say... I... (more »)
Empty Words
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Maybe It was supposed to be inspirational And move me But how come I feel nothing at all "Move on," "Do what your heart says," "Just cheer up," I heard it a thousand times Pep talks, lectures, They all are just Empty words... (more »)
I Am (Me)
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I am NOT from the other’s mind, NOT from the social media, NOT from the wannabes, NOR the crystal clear glass.   I am From the happy and the sad, From the ones we don’t understand, Fhe ones with claws and sharp teeth That... (more »)
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