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Most Recent Free Verse Poems

Here are the most recent free verse poems:

"She" This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.
She holds her hatred out for all to see, like the heads of deer arranged on a wall, or posters for prom queen that fill a crowded hallway. She has more regrets than the time spent weaving a Persian rug, or the number of hairs that... (more »)
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People roming 'round and 'round Soft feet padding on the ground   Over, under, back to front Let's go on a people hunt   Stupid, hurtful, annoying too Everybody except you   People, people everywhere Insane from their toes... (more »)
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Do this Do that Just STOP   Be nice Be kind Just STOP   If I do that You should do that But you DON'T do that So STOP   If I'm like that You should be like that But you're NOT like that So STOP   Stop... (more »)
Daddy's Girl
  My daddy has risen to the top On the pain and suffering of others. He has put more effort into Forming this government Than he has loving his family. He has ordered that we live... (more »)
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The Afternoon Star
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As I stand, on a steamy summer day. I feel the sun breath, hot heavy air at me. I see the sun throw its orange glow at me, I feel the radiant light, touch my soft smooth skin.   I imagine the world, black and white without the... (more »)
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Monochrome This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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September 07, 2014 - 2:10 AM   "What’s the word for it… Euphoric. I dunno, it just hit me, like a    full blow to my face.” we were on the highway by then and the air was a crisp 60, and i smiled with her because she was... (more »)
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Brother of Death
Death, the ultimate figure Commonly dressed in black With chains around him, clanking And a scythe behind his back   A set of bones for his body, Empty sockets for his eyes Unseen feet gliding smoothly Skeletal fingers holds the... (more »)
Kindness in SIngaporeans
Singapore, which is sparkling green, Would not fail to turn others green. However, there are actions it must take To prevent a dystopian fate.   Should we be devoid of kindness, The air would be filled with gloom. Society would... (more »)
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If I said I was alone I'd be lying  Because inside we're all dying  We kill our selves in our way  In an attempt to keep hell at bay  Because we know where we all end  So now life is ours to bend  A death is sure to be fated ... (more »)
The Grim Reaper
Six decades of your youthful life, Suffering is all that is to come. Defying your fate to escape my scythe, Never happens for anyone, not even some.   The lines of death scar your face. The more you count the faster I chase.  No... (more »)
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The stars dawn upon the night sky and I gaze; not at the stars, but at the heavens, seeking an answer, only to find that I am lost all over again. With each waking moment, I dream about the possibilities of going back to the... (more »)
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And you trace every crease in your skin with your fingernail you wonder how your shell would look if it were a different hue so you pick up the edge and you carve into your being and now your skin is beautiful, now your skin is wet... (more »)
Things you do not understand
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You push me down but its alright, because the only thing that will cut me is the tear I shed tonight.   You drag me around but it's not worth fighting. because I can find this release in writing.   You laugh at my words,... (more »)
What is ?
By , Lilburn, GA
So strange: LIFE. For it is not what it seems. A gift or a curse? Or something in the realm of your dreams? Maybe, It’s not real at all… Maybe, It’s someone else’s thoughts, Someone else’s emotions Playing through... (more »)
The Broken Man
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As he stared into the sky He thought of her The one who made life right The one who kept him up all night   Like a beautiful flower Glistening in the night Reflecting that beautiful light So sweet yet so fragile Broken with... (more »)
Therapy Session
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My mom took me to a therapist once, For my “unusual habits.” It’s complicated, I told her. That wasn’t the answer she was looking for. I took my anorexia with me to the therapist that cool autumn afternoon; I figured my mom... (more »)
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