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Here are the most recent free verse poems:

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The phases, the forgotten feelings, the emotions, the times , returns! It comes back again! Not in the same form at times! But it really does! Maybe in covered sheets or on with a different face! Maybe in nasty fashion or colour smothered aches!... (more »)
Where Im From
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I am from the cupcakes that I love to bake, from the clothes I wear from Hollister, along with the cute clothes I get from Aeropostale. I am from the lime green and tan back bedroom of a two-story house, along with two annoying brothers. I am... (more »)
I used to
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I used to love the impossible Because that's what he was to me Impossible to reach Impossible to touch Impossible to love Almost But I fell in love anyways And never again It destroyed me Made me a shell Of the happy girl I used to be... (more »)
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There is a yearning in my soul For so many far-off things. There is an ache in my heart For a sky filled with stars. Each day I stand and wait For when my wings will come. And I love having dirty feet From walking dusty roads.... (more »)
Why Should I?
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Why should I care what he thinks of me? Why should I change my every move I make for him? Why should I chase after someone who’s already being chased? Why should I grow my feelings for someone who doesn’t even know my name?... (more »)
My Fire
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Love is a fire, consuming everything in its domain. an unyielding, uncontrollable flame Igniting my heart, radiating through my veins Love is a fire, departing as rapidly as it came. He was the match that kindled the light inside me.... (more »)
Ripped From My Heart
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A man Who didn't know who I am Layed his hands And ripped a piece of me away With a cut to delicate skin And pain coming from within A man with those hands Who destroyed the future plans For a girl so young. He doesn’t know my name... (more »)
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Slurping to draw         its sweetness through the straw Foolish yellowjacket         as if pulled by a magnet Dove in headfirst         trying to quench its thirst Body submerged         wings unable to reemerge Ruining... (more »)
Double Vision
By , Chantilly, VA
  She is classy Just a little bit sassy He is country man With an artistic hand She always has my back And knows how to make me laugh He is always hungry And enjoys the days that are sunny She has a comforting... (more »)
my sayings
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 Whats the point of it being today if your living the life you lived yeaterday    she loved him  he loved "her" she trusted him  he lied  she forgave him  he did it again    the people who stuggled are the ones who... (more »)
By , Daytona Beach, FL
I once knew a little soldier boy who played with little soldier toys, Fighting little wars on his own wooden floor. Until one day he shipped away like his father once did before, Fighting someone else’s war on someone else’s shore. He... (more »)
The Wall
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  They want to build a Wall Across the border of Mexico But why stop there?   Build the Wall around Florida, To keep out the Cubans. Build the Wall around the East Coast, To keep out the Russians,  ... (more »)
Two Voices Missing
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Until death we are parted Our lives lost, alone And our bodies away are carted Without us, life still drones Our lives are merely a second On the vast and infinite universe So I guess we won't wait long Till we can break this... (more »)
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Manipulation is known for deceiving people with her looks. She has both watery, puppy dog eyes and a beet-red face. Her thin-lipped, jagged smile is both horrifying and infuriating Yet innocent and childlike. Her thin, bruised legs give off... (more »)
The Feeling
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The feeling of my friend’s head resting against my shoulder As we try to fight off the incoming cloak of sleepiness that the cool night air brings Shivering softly as the cold seeps into our bones Even though my pointy, jagged shoulder... (more »)
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I have spent much time in listless sleep Going in between surges of intense heat With single beads of sweat Dripping down my back at an agonizingly slow pace And all-consuming cold that envelops me in its grasp And refuses to let go. My... (more »)
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