Most Recent Free Verse Poems

Here are the most recent free verse poems:

A Taste Acquired
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The taste was acquired At least I remember talking with my mother at the bank, On the taste of it, we both hated Then you said you liked it, And I tried it The taste was sweet and bitter Sorta like you, But it grew on me And now... (more »)
The Feeling of Love
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Love is a rainbow of sparkling colors, Two doves of snow white, warmness fluttering behind their wings, Deep chocolate melting in the wavering sun, and dripping down sun-kissed skin, The chatter of two people on the street lost in each... (more »)
By , Plano, TX
Forgetting is the hardest Remembering is the worst The screaming The yelling The fighting How could you forget When remembering Comes so easy He yelled at her He slapped her He told her She was worthless She was brave She was... (more »)
Broken Patterns
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She stared at the stars, The same way that she stared at the map, the one tucked away in the backseat of her red corolla. A restlessness coursed through her. Her veins throbbed with hate at her own life, Her skin tingled with... (more »)
the power of words
By , Lambertville, MI
they’re words that you’ve heard from the day that you graduated from ignorance to the forced half-maturity of middle school you learned to be flippant, because if you’re flippant to them then maybe they’ll shut up, or maybe they... (more »)
Emerald Ring
By , Madison Heights, MI
Bright green, perfectly cut And surrounded by claws of gold, Diamonds laid symmetrically Contrasting with the beautiful metal. The light reflects off the gems Like the sun on a clear lake. One small circle connecting me To the dead. A... (more »)
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Ground, broken down, brown, beans Powder distilled into water Offering a jolt of vitality Perfectly suited for dusk or dawn. I come from dawn and stay for dusk, To miss a time of day frightens me As I have so much to complete in... (more »)
forrest life
By , royal oak, MI
  So much weight in such a small object So many memories packed in one thing It could be old and worn out Or brand new and beautiful It wouldn't change how I see it In the end it's not the object itself It's... (more »)
No one
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Tapping on the phone Looking for an answer No one to talk to No one can see me No one to love No one understands Confused Communication in the world is so hard when everything I want to say sounds wrong Nothing elicits the connection... (more »)
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  My small lizard beyond the lamps shine. It's a gentle lizard. Small and wide. Full of crickets and veggies. Running around the tank, Jumping off the walls as I walk into the room, Ready to come out and play.... (more »)
A Natural Grave
By , New york, NY
I am perched above the world, Staring down at the natural mirror, There is an image of clouds, and a familiar distorted face. The ripples carry leaves, roaring reds, bland browns, Occasionally a leaf with some life passes, But then... (more »)
The Ones Who Raised Me
By ,
I am from “clean your room”, Every other day. Cuddles and hugs. Homemade dinners, To lure us from the den. I am from movie quotes, “I’ve never seen the beginning” Springsteen concerts, Belting the chorus. Born into sarcasm. I am from... (more »)
By , Royal Oak, MI
                                    I come from a place, a place, far far away. Where the cows roam freely, and the sky holds unimaginable... (more »)
Art and Poetry
By , royal oak, MI
Art is a lot like poetry, Such odd things, “All around us” It can be pretty, Or ugly, Made for purpose, Or none at all. From the “deep meanings” To the scribbles on a page, I find a lot of it Useless. With no real purpose... (more »)
By , Hazel Park, MI
Curiosity will not cause us to die. It helps us live. What are we if not curious? It makes us human. It drives our invention. It drives our art. Curiosity is a refuge. We find shelter from hate. For those people know not of the sweet... (more »)
Something to Start the Day
By , Royal Oak, MI
Life is ever changing. Life is short. Don't wait, choose your new path now. Find more of the soul, compassion, and humor that is waiting for you. Let's start with today. Take the first step towards practicing principles, life principles.... (more »)
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