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Most Recent Free Verse Poems

Here are the most recent free verse poems:

My Eyes; like...
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My eyes like sharks   Shifty and glistening in the Dark   My eyes of grey and black and white Seeing searching lurching in the Night My eyes; like…   (more »)
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Is it death or Escape
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I know my world is not real I know this because:   One day I found a ladder standing Straight up Unsupported   I climbed it And tapped on the sky Sitting on a cloud with my feet on The top step of the ladder   I tap  ... (more »)
Hands Up, Don't Shoot
They say don’t trust anyone these days but the truth is, you never could. Progress is an illusion of idealism, of fanciful thinking, a farce. A Moment of Silence for the freedom fighters; their dream is dead: pushed into the pavement,... (more »)
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Stereotypes Everyone belongs in a category Little groups created by society that act as a dividers Cookie cutter groups that tell you who you can and cannot be Telling you how you will look and what you will become And everyone falls... (more »)
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He came in wanting need Afraid to confront The solidarity Of himself alone (more »)
Mysterious Universes
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Dreams are like puzzles and mazes Sometimes as indecipherable as love, Yet sometimes with clear phrases What is it about dreams, That makes them so confusing? Have you ever wondered If all those unique universes Of random things, that we... (more »)
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I never meant it More Than I do now My heart Skipped a beat Fluttered In my chest I smiled Like never before Happiness Like never experienced Love Like never knew Those three words Went through my head And my heart... (more »)
One Moment on Tybee This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
The boardwalk allows me to see past the crowds At the edge lies mysterious waters Sand dunes of varying heights only add to the never ending view A steep flight of stairs entice me as I step onto the sinking cold sand. I walk across the... (more »)
blue as the ocean and red as the sun separate apart but together as one. red is the dawn and blue is the moon nothing in common, red with blue if one were to think that, it would not be true red is an emotion blue is an emotion black... (more »)
My Arch-Nemesis
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My arch-nemesis Is cruel, cold, and heartless. She waits in the dark For any sign of vulnerability And then strikes! Like a relentless cobra-pitbull Latching on and never quitting, even as I reach My lowest. “Stop!” I beg her.... (more »)
Frozen Sun and Melted Moon
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In the darkness of night there was those sudden silken steps like going up a stairs backwards In the dark, paraded by pooled squadrons of moonlight There’s that feel of a record Playing underwater, sucked back and forth By some natural... (more »)
Fire y Hielo
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Tú tienes un danza de la lluvia en tu alma The vivacity of your life, so consumable Pero el océano vive en mi fuego While you dance, my heart is a contradiction. Fui un tempestad, fuiste un árbol de hielo At times, I could become a... (more »)
Ribbons from the Mouth
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I live in a recollection, poorly told by a drunken man full of regret and execration for the dense walls of the long, long corridor we march; these thick sentiments veer on poorly balanced instruments they vibrate with implacable sounds from... (more »)
Before You Dream of Me Tonight
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Before you dream of me tonight, you must know this, I am hurt. If I am hurt once more I may not love again. My love was once like a star burning bright for all to see, but like most stars I went Supernova. Creating the destruction of many,... (more »)
Sparks in both directions This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Spark, I see a glimpse of light I need to get my life back on track now.. It's time, ---> I have to move forward-though I really can't see straight. The the smokes round my head- -mixed with Addies - sleep deprivation and dread. I'm... (more »)
Recovery This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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A universe rushing from my veins, Heavy pools of crimson. Seeping from a wound, It screams existence through a vivid shade. The stream refuses to halt. So much is lost. Automatically replenishing, You return to glide through me.... (more »)
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