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Most Recent Free Verse Poems

Here are the most recent free verse poems:

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She looked herself over in the mirror, Hating what she saw. She had sunken cheeks, swollen lips, sharp jaw framed by harsh dark hair. She could smell the old cigars, burning out, wasting away, as the man stood on the poorly lit... (more »)
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Things that make me happy
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(After Kimiko Hahn) Hearing my mother laughing at a crappy commercial on TV makes me realize that she is just as happy as I am. That surprising moment when I jump onto the scale, finding that my weight has gone to healthy, even... (more »)
I miss you
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My heart was beating, I didn't feel it My eyes were crying, I ignored the tears I knew i was broken but i had to hold on Something kept me together but I had no idea what that was,   I punched the wall, but, felt no pain I screamed... (more »)
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(after Meg Kearney) I believe that two people are connected at the heart, and it doesn't matter what you do, or who you are or where you live. I believe that people in this world can change and judging leads them to misery and... (more »)
My Calm
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People talk about a calm that they claim to see in the midst of a storm but I have yet to see the time or place where my calm coincides with peace. Maybe my calm is hyperventilation sparked from the thought of what my future holds and who will... (more »)
Learning How To Survive
for all the nights I spent on the floor, with a vacant stomach, and a crowded heart; for every close-fitting t-shirt that I wore four days in a row, and every pair of battered jeans I wore twice as long as I should have; for all the... (more »)
The End?
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Stuck on what to write, can’t find the words to say, Holding onto hope, that maybe I’ll find what lies unknown one day, Depressing thoughts, never said I was perfect, Fear of something, something unseen, voices, voices, what do they... (more »)
Generation Y?
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Generation Y? I hate our generation We all divided but still got the nerve to say we are one nation Where we are caught up in gang ties Where we throw down the books and toss up the gang signs Where we dish off responsibilities like “nah... (more »)
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I was standing at a cliff Looking into an oblivion I didn’t want to know Yet I was leaning over the edge Testing out the mist It spelled out mysteries  Words in a new language One I vaguely remember, but cannot place My feet are... (more »)
Just Another Thursday
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Twenty more minutes until I get to leave these rampant, assorted halls on another Thursday afternoon Nothing monumental has marked this day Nor will I remember what happened Even next week It’s just another mundane Blearing Dragging... (more »)
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Humans. We all take up space, but how many of us actually matter? Some of us, don't even feel special, as though we don't belong.  If we were all meant to be born the same, why are we treated differently? Some of us are poor, and some of... (more »)
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Until Death Do We Part
Stage I: Did it hurt, my dear, when you took your first breath? The first breath that exposed your achingly Bare, Unknowing Body to the world’s crooked, bony fingers. Bony, fingers that held the throats of your kind- Twisting until... (more »)
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  everyday i miss you more and more my heart breaks cuz ur no longer here why did you have to go? why did you have to leave me? all i have is our memories i look at your picture everyday all i can do is cry i want you... (more »)
A Certain Puff
  As I sit and listen to the strengthening winds, I feel a certain puff from one A puff of excitation, of inspiration, of revelation I now know, when before I floundered I know my next course, my true path What I did not know... (more »)
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  What if there was an app, that could read your mind, be your mind Enter, flash, the lights have turned on, but how? It’s the development of the smartbulb, Synced to your brain Wake up, on snooze button, you wish... (more »)
Background information
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You know all their names but you certainly don't know their stories You see their bodies not knowing what it has been through still your judging, without knowing you see all their laughs and smiles but do you really know what they are... (more »)
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