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The Warm Wish That Came True

May 6, 2018
By Nature16 BRONZE, Mount Airy, Maryland
Nature16 BRONZE, Mount Airy, Maryland
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The warm wish that came true
Another day has gone by and another night has come too
Tired of the long, long day, of cold snow that has made me blue
Wishing for jack frost to go, as well as the frostbite on my toes
Now I lay on my bed as shivers from the cold shoot up and down my spine
I close my eyes and eagerly wish for summer to come and be mine

My mind drift into darkness, wondering where i was
And suddenly, i’m in a field and the sun shines on my face
I smiled and said this happened just because
And I was happy to be in this wonderful place

I run up a hill, and there, fields of flowers with their amazing scent
As I leap into the fields, I cherished every second that I spent
And up ahead, passed the field that blooms
I see a beautiful forest of trees that were never glume

There in center, I followed down the forest trail
Then I come across an apple tree
I picked an apple that was fresh and not stail
As I took a bite, it felt like my mouth was now free

I continued forth, towards a creek of fresh water
And there I watched as a deer with a white tail
I looked in his eyes like a curious explorer
In my mind I wondered why he did not bail

Amazingly as if he could read my thoughts
The deer said, “I’m not afraid.”
I was baffled to learn that he talks
He then lead me under a tree and into shade

We laid there lulled by the tweets of birds
I felt like my soul was freed from any and all concerns
Then out of nowhere a blue butterfly, that felt a bit nostalgic
It flew off leaving a trail of blue sparkles, as if it was magic

But then, mountains of snow flew in swallowing the butterfly and everything else
All around me was nothing but snow that never melts
I was then swallowed up by snow myself
I went out screaming, “Help!”

I woke up in my bed covered in sweat
After the dream ended i was upset
I then noticed that more birds were singing than usual
I opened the curtains and saw the shining sun and green grass
And it was beautiful

So I went outside and felt the warm breeze blow in my face
There is something inside me that summer will always unlock
I was crying tears of joy because I was so happy
And so I slept the rest of the day in my cherry blossom tree whom I named “Big Bark"

The author's comments:

Its about what my soul yerns for in nature.

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