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May 6, 2018
By simplygrace GOLD, Great Neck, New York
simplygrace GOLD, Great Neck, New York
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the rolling   roving
mechanics integrated with sliding
over rough terrains      rough like himself
covered in foreign materials
he swivels the area and sees
it is littered with plastic bags     crumpled wrappers    cracked
glass bottles    unused fishnets    dulled metal plates 
everything is old and used and tired     abandoned behind
thrown away because
the     love     in the world had run dry
but he thinks they’re fun
sort of       like a puzzle
(he had read that word somewhere
but never understood what it meant)


years of dirt and dust rain from the lands above
maybe if he found the staircase    then
he could visit the lights barely visible at night
it got better over time     whatever that meant
pollution made them pack their bags
it wasn’t good enough
they weren’t good enough
life had ceased to exist      
  so it did     at least here
maybe there was something else out there


so when a white oval shaped object comes
zooming out of nowhere       
he is stunned and in awe
she is fast     and on days when the sun is missing
she still shines    glistening
all of a sudden he wants to hold for her
all the flimsy umbrellas he has   
sit outside with the dropping degrees    even if she is silent


he learns to steal glances at her when she is not looking
and every time the gears inside him whirl
he likes that    although he doesn’t have a name for it
his screen gives him no answer    maybe he is not specific enough
but he knows the towers he composed of disintegrated objects are all for her    without realizing
since the beginning    for hundreds of years


he isn’t sure himself
he wants     he wants
(what does he want)
(he cannot think)
he   s  he    i     he      he     h
no   ….   why
if only he can
        what is it called       what   what

     the name     it is nonexistent   but there has to be

((what is love))
    some things aren’t programmed   i…
i want
other can’t happen
i want to

it’s not possible
i want                 …                    (( to know ))
((( i want to feel )))

The author's comments:

This piece was inspired by the movie Wall-E. ?The movie tells the story of a human-like robot through visual and auditory effects. However, I wanted to tell his story through words. And so I did. 

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