The Mask I Wear

May 6, 2018

Happy girl,
Funny girl,
Sweet girl,
Caring girl.
This is who
People see.
This girl
I do not know.
She is my shadow.
She is the mask
I wear.
Her face as
Neat at a
Porcelain doll.
Her thoughts
Open with no
Care at all.
A smile
Shimmering like gold
So loving
And so bold.
A heart so soft
And tender.
Something all
Will remember.

She is the mask
I wear

Is me.
The girl no
One will ever
Her face
Scarred with
No love.
No light
From the
Stars above.
Her lungs
In tears.
No hope is
Her cry
As true
As death.
Her depression
Deepens with
Every breath.
I am not
The Mask I Wear.

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