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Toxic Love

May 5, 2018
By Anonymous

Sometimes you have to let people go
Especially if they don’t want to stay
Remember you don’t need anyone
When you look in the mirror you are the same person as before
Before they shoved into your life you were fine
After you will be too
But of course, it sucks
You feel like something you need to live has been taken from you
Like a flower without water
Shriveling up
Slowing dying
And falling away from life
But then you remember rain will come
Things will be okay
It’s just hard to see that when there aren’t any clouds in the sky
When there aren’t any signs of Hope around
I put my heart in your hands
I relied on you

I trusted you
But you didn’t give it back
You didn’t drop it
It wasn’t an accident
You smashed it
Then stomped on it till it was in a million pieces
And your heart well I never really had it
She did
And I should have know
But I was dumb enough to think you loved me
Dumb enough that when we touched, I saw a future
But you, you saw another girl to claim as yours
I'm not that
I'm not going to let you use me
I'm not going to do anything
And it sucks
It really really sucks

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