Forbidden Language

May 5, 2018

      As you sit in front of her you speak the forbidden language, the language you never thought you would use but she provoked you, didn't she? You promised her you will never speak the words of lies, but you still did it didn't you? You looked her right in her face and spoke the devil's language, and did you care? That's just who you are the fountains of lies, the waterfalls of rubbish. Step back and reflect is this a person you want her to see you as. The devil's language is fluent to you, no stutters in your sentences or even a letter, but that's who you are. You're the devil's language, your use of words only hurts the happy. Is it because you're unhappy yourself? Did someone teach you these forbidden languages? Must be, the way your sentences smoothly falls off your lips, your slightest touch. You know youve done this many times before but you don't care you love the feeling of hurt, the tears of the truth, and the hits of love. Your forbidden language burns right through, the fire in your eyes. You're the devil's language, a pure liar.

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