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How to Make a Dog Go Mad

May 5, 2018
By ed5184ed BRONZE, Istanbul, Other
ed5184ed BRONZE, Istanbul, Other
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Want to have a mad dog,
It’s simple as one two three
First you find a dog
Which is beaten and weak.


Take the dog under your wings
Nurture it, heal it, show some love to it,
You will become its messiah
You will have all its blessings


Now feed it with lies
Like the way you feed it food
Which will denigrate your opposers
Speak of them like they’re the devil
And when the dog growls at the sound of their name
Then you’ll know you’re doing well


Now take the dog the place they dwell
But not when they play their dogs
But when they curse at them
Beat them
Hung them
Ridicule them
You need to hold the leash tight
So the dog won’t attack when the time is not right


But if the dog doesn’t attack yet,
Then set it free, let it go
At the playground, where your enemies seeds’ rest
Make sure they’re the rotten apples of the apple tree
So they will hurt it rather than feed
Mock it rather than pet
And crush its sprit rather than raise
Remember this tip in the future comrades
Experience is the ultimate motivator


At the end, the dog will growl
In a way it never growled before
Its eyes will be red, its mouth will foam
Your opposers will be the thing it hates
Ready to attack, ready to kill
It will obey your command, even worship you
And it won’t stop until your adversities perish
It will be a creature of hate, no longer a living being
And that my comrades, is how you make a dog go mad

The author's comments:

A poem about corruption, loss of morals and anger

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