Mirror, Mirror, What if You Fall? - Free Verse

May 5, 2018

Hanging before me is the shattered mirror that no longer reflects my face
I stand in the pearly white bathroom that is my life and I pick up the pieces
I try to put them back together, but when I place them in the mirrors white frame they refuse to stay and fall to the floor, shattering into a billion more pieces


Every time I pick up the shards, the glass cuts my hands a little deeper and the scars won’t seem to heal but I continue to clean up the pieces and place them in the mirrors frame, only to watch them fall to the floor again, and again


Eventually, I realize they will never stay in place, and I will be stuck picking up tiny shards of broken glass that will forever cut my delicate hands


I look down at my hands, marred in cuts and stained scarlet, and I finally give in
I clean up the glass and set it aside I strip off my clothes, and stand naked in the perfectly white bathroom that is my life
I pick up a piece of glass and stare into its jagged reflection before I bury it into my thigh


I slather my blood on the white counter, like I am painting a picture I continue to mar my body and deface the bathroom in crimson paint


My legs are cut from waist to toe, and my skin is eternally stained in red ink
I slice my arms and paint the walls, and when my arms are scarred from shoulder to wrist, still I give in


Now I stand in the bathroom that is no longer white, but red as the sin that I etched on my skin I turn to the mirrors white frame, the only place that remains clean I can no longer see my reflection, because the mirror is broken, the pieces scattered and splattered in blood


I look down at my arms and legs, I am not done I dig my fingers into the cuts on my legs and pull my skin apart like moist wallpaper, my skin falls from my legs and I throw it to the ground
I continue to layer off my skin until there is none left


I move to my chest and strip the flesh from my shoulders and breasts I pull the skin from my abdomen and throw it to the floor with the rest I tear every layer of skin from my body until there is none left


I am complete, I have finished my task Now I can leave, and finally be at peace
I drip in blood like raw, bloody meat, and I am standing in the red sea I am in pieces like the shattered mirror before me
I am stripped of my skin, and finally match the reflection that surrounds me
I will not fix the mirror and make it whole, for I will start all over again


Leave the mirror be and leave my reflection in pieces, because only then did I truly find my peace.

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