Baby Boy

May 4, 2018
By AnonymousAuthorChan BRONZE, San Antonio , Texas
AnonymousAuthorChan BRONZE, San Antonio , Texas
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"I love you." I say to you.
While the words out of your mouth come out as 
"I love you too Bubba."
Bubba as in bubblegum.
Because when you first saw I was chewing pink bubblegum. 

I laugh and pick you up. 


Saturday night comd and you come at 3am, while I'm half asleep. 

Complaining about having another nightmare. 
I half smile and hold you tight around me,
Promising the monsters won't come. 

"I love you baby boy." I whisper to you. 


The first day of school comes around, 

I lead you to the big building. 

When the day ends you tell me a girl chased you around. 

I laugh and say she just likes you. 


Time goes by


You start cycling to school,

You no longer call me Bubba,

You no longer come in my room for nightmares. 


I miss you baby boy. 

You grew up too fast

Be my baby boy again. 


More time goes by


I no longer call you baby boy

You now have girls 
You now have girls and calls. 
You now have drugs. 
What happened to my baby boy? 


You were such a fool baby boy 
To believe you were doing good. 
Now you're six feet underground. 


Baby boy, oh baby boy I weep

Where are you baby boy?
What happened baby boy? 

I am such a fool to let go baby boy. 

I'm sorry baby boy

Baby boy.....My dear and joy

The author's comments:

some of it was based off a song I love and this was my third attempt at making this poem 

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