Alone in a Full House

May 4, 2018
By ShoshT. BRONZE, Long Branch, New Jersey
ShoshT. BRONZE, Long Branch, New Jersey
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Alone in a Full House:

My parents gave me up when I was seven
Forced to live in a room with ten other beds
All the food tasted sour, like a lemon
The chores I had to do I still dread
None of the other kids cared about me
They all had their own things on their mind
Completely alone, like I was lost at sea
As if they didn’t see me, like they were blind
One day the caretaker forgot my name so,
I thought about fleeing this lonely place
But even if I were to flee where would I go
That’s something no one should have to face.
But everyday I still have hopes and dreams
For the day when I’m free and turn eighteen.

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write a poem from the perspective of an orphan when I visited an orphanage. I heard about all of their background stories and what their days were like, this experience was very powerful.

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