A Cry Against Terrorism

May 4, 2018
By M_the_ET BRONZE, Vinita, Oklahoma
M_the_ET BRONZE, Vinita, Oklahoma
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I know of the fear 
Of a person entering a safe place
Wielding a weapon with malicious intent.   

I lament for the souls 
Who have been broken and manipulated
By dark forces to cause such grief and chaos. 

My soul cries out to comfort those who have suffered
My heart cries out for justice
For the slain innocents. 

For in those last moments
Seconds become eternities 
Shots echo as explosions 
And fear pushes the body to act.

Fight or flight.

Some shielded others
Heroes preserving life.

Families and friends of the fallen deserve justice.

None of us should feel this fear anywhere.

By: Mandy Tyler

The author's comments:

I decided to write this poem after the Florida School Shooting because I was once in a similar situation, however, mine ended with one student killing himself. I want people to realize that it is not just a gun problem. It is a people problem. I believe that no one is truly evil, but life problems and not being able to properly deal with the many things life gives us, this leads to people that feel that killing others is a viable solution. 

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