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White Flag

May 4, 2018
By FFR.Nobody SILVER, Gahanna, Ohio
FFR.Nobody SILVER, Gahanna, Ohio
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"Artists are people driven by the tension between the desire to communicate and the desire to hide, as artist drawing, writing, blogging, photography etc. we have the power to reach out and and tell a story an be heard. Communicate even when its hard"

    I took the fault accepted the blame as I locked everything back up. I stand up head down I close my eyes take a deep breath in wipe the tears from my face and breath out; I lift my head slightly ignoring eye contact and I speak. “ I’m sorry for all the trouble I caused everyone, I feel more than awful I never wanted to hurt anyone especially you who I held closest to my heart not having you kills me more every day I regret everything I understand why you would hate me because I hate me too I’m turning my life and changing I ask for a second chance to start over and turn the chapter I understand if you don’t want to that you rather have me out of your lives I deserve it I’m truly sorry though and I really hope for a chance for you to get to know the new me. But just know I’m sorry and never wanted to do harm, I’ll take whatever it is you decide.” I brushed the hair out of my face turned my back and walked away as a few tears started to fall I wipe them as I whisper to myself “ It has come to an end it’s all over the end and goodbye as I said goodbye and left for the very last time.

    No one expected a thing little did they know that was her final goodbye as she left completely broken and  destroyed there was nothing left of her they have finally killed her. She locked herself up and hid deep in the darkness of her mind where no one could ever reach her or see her again it was the end of her and everything she had to offer she finally had to much and became to broken she was finally dead she spoke her last words said her last goodbye faced her last battle she lost the war and now she’s gone.

    Not a single sole cared to notice to save her not a sole cared she was gone maybe tho there's the right person out there willing to go in and save her who knows how to get in knows how to listen to silence and tears and is brave enough to face the darkness strong enough to handle the stories and secrets. Just maybe they’ll come around someday and notice and save her before she’s gone for good.

The author's comments:

 I guess it comes to what you value more, but to me if accepting something and appologizing for something I didn't do means settling everything and not fighting the ones I love I'd take it. 

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