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May 4, 2018
By E.M.I SILVER, San Jose, California
E.M.I SILVER, San Jose, California
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When you pour your heart and soul into something
And never get it back,
That’s when you know.


Having loved humans so great,

But they don’t love you.


Wish you could feel this too,
So I wouldn’t have to be alone.


But am I really feeling,

Or am I just alone?


Is this it?
Is this all I am going to feel.


I guess I can’t feel, I am incapable of feeling,
Just like they are incapable of loving,
Just like they do not appreciate what they have.


When will this numbness subside
And let me live my life?


When will this lack-of-feeling
Let me go?


This enslavement is killing me,
killing me forever?


I don’t know how to relinquish this non-feeling,
This non-feeling that weighs my head down.


Down towards the ground,
Making it hard to see
So I watch my beautiful scenery,


Grey pavement.
Gum spots.
Feet. Lots of feet.


Loving the view that matches my life.
Chuckling because I cannot love.


My life is great.


My life is sweet.


Without out you,

My life is incomplete.

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