Friends Are Like Jeans

May 3, 2018
By tytylove202 BRONZE, Washington , District Of Columbia
tytylove202 BRONZE, Washington , District Of Columbia
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"Never apologize for how much love you have to give. Just feel sorry for those who didn't want any of it."- Tupac Shakur

As I try to figure out a good way to begin this poem

I think of something that most people should have,
A pair of jeans.
To me, every person is like a pair of jeans.
And as you walk through the battle of life,
You figure out which jeans can withstand the test of time,
And which ones should have never been bought.

Determining someone’s personality is like figuring out the perfect pair of jeans.
I think that some people are like that one pair of jeans
That are really comfortable,
But you cant wear them all the time.
The pair that you almost love,
But you know that there is another pair that you may like more.

Shopping for jeans is like shopping for friends.
If I were shopping for friends,
Like I was shopping for jeans,
There are a certain pair that I would pick up.
And I hope those pair would last my test of time
Because shopping for jeans is a rollercoaster.

When you first see the jeans,
You don’t know if you really like them.
You study that pair of jeans as if they were the answers to a history test,
You contemplate about the jeans, saying you know you want them,
But do you really need them?
Kind of like how you know you need to study for your history test,
But you also really want to go to the party.

Will you allow me to buy you
As my new jeans in my closet?
I learned that new pairs of jeans, just like new friends,
Can be blessings in disguise.
I hope that you will accept me as your new friend
And I would love to have you as my new pair of jeans.

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece when a new student came to my school. They were nice, but I was contemplating if I wanted to be their friend or not, and this poem then came to be. 

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