A Poem to my Father

May 3, 2018
By lhollingsworth BRONZE, Shaker Heights, Ohio
lhollingsworth BRONZE, Shaker Heights, Ohio
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You loved me before you even knew me.
You picked me from photos and a description.
I was yours and you were mine.
You skipped my birth,
And oddly enough so did my mother.

My love for you is deep in my skin.
It is represented by a tattoo,
But really that tattoo
Is a boat in a great big ocean of love.

Much to my mother's dismay,
I have become more and more like you.
Piercing, check.
Tattoo, check.
Riding motorcycles, almost check.
Boats, check.
So many tangible things represent the connection we hold
Which goes far beyond some ink in our skin.

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