Simply Blue

May 3, 2018
By EvanSepe BRONZE, Medfield , Massachusetts
EvanSepe BRONZE, Medfield , Massachusetts
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A perfect view of the sky,
Reflecting its yellow, orange, and purple rays into the deepened waters.
Flat through the night,
While calming the waves.
The water smoothly pats the sand,
Wettening and making it soft.

My mother used to tuck the sheets over me at night,
Calming me down and helping me to sleep.
She would sing a simple tune,
In which controlled my brain and mind.
My eyes would close,
My heart would slow down, ignoring the day’s chaos.

The view of the sky is easy to explain,
A sheet of swirling black.
Each individual wave is its own vicious monster,
Crashing and shattering everytime the wave collapses.
White foam is piling up,
The lovers of the sea are seasick.

The jungles of Vietnam are polluted with smoke,
Bullets in the air have scared the birds away.
My face is covered with dirt,
My hands are covered in sweat.
Men are dropping around me,
Is this Satan’s heaven?

The water is still once again,
A variety of colors mix within the water.
I sit back home with my mother,
Still stunned by the storm.

Life is simply blue.

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