Ode to Churros

May 3, 2018

You are the sweetest of sweet and brighten my every tripa
You long for the embrace of some warm chocolate dip
Through the sea of people, I hear you calling out my name
Waiting, waiting, and waiting some more, so hungry I became

You and I, the perfect pair to ever exist
“Eat more! Eat more! Eat more!” you constantly persist
I cannot ignore your persistent demand
So slowly, but surely my stomach begins to expand

Oh how I love your sugary and cinnamony twist
But after craving my indulgences how surely you’ll be missed
Thank you sweet churro for never failing to make me smile
Although, after you, I won’t be eating for a while

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YCGR said...
yesterday at 12:37 am
Had never heard of this. As a teacher, I love the idea
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