Summer in Grand Oak

May 3, 2018
By , West Chester, PA

Summer in Grand Oak was always a blast,

Not ever ruined by a yucky forecast.
Riding around on my razor scooter,
I didn’t even want to play on the computer.
Going as fast as sound down the road,
We would stop and play if we saw a toad.
Splashing around in the creek at the park,
Sprinting away from Joey Clark.
Racing to catch the ice cream truck,
It was so intense that kids would go KERPLUNK!
Diving 8 feet into my neighbor’s pool,
Never crossing my mind that I’d soon be in high school.
As night time came and the sun went to sleep,
My mom called me in and I began to weep.
Summer in Grand Oak was always a blast,
I really regret growing up so fast.

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