Cotton Candy Twilight

May 8, 2018

Part of me is cotton candy pink—
sugared fluff in my teacher’s thoughts,
hidden compliments twirling on papers,
smiles and laughter among frivolous friends,
liquid sweetness pouring from glittering eyes.
But at home, the other side comes in—
twilight blue,
like the crisp currents of a midnight sky,
studious, committed, determined,
silent and serious and charged with work.
The voice from my intelligence tells me I need both—
but my heart longs solely for the cotton candy pink,
the part made to satisfy those whom I admire.
So add the extra sugar, please…
  and don’t forget the smile!

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VictoryTheGreat said...
today at 3:09 am
Balance is very important. To me, this poem speaks of trying to find balance, even while enjoying one side a little bit more. I love the cotton candy metaphor in this poem, and I think the description is great.
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