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The Sound of Silence

May 8, 2018
By AbbyHacecky BRONZE, Purcelville, Virginia
AbbyHacecky BRONZE, Purcelville, Virginia
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The chrisp, damp air sends a shiver down my spine as I walk along the vacant and overgrown trial. The sun is slowly goes down to cast a warm glow above me. Surrounding me is a huge growing family of trees that I hope are leading me to a new life. I don’t know where I am going, but I am not afraid. I at least have the comfort of knowing it will be better than my past.
The silence is almost eerie. I could hear the steady rhythm of my heartbeat. Everything around me felt hollow. Like if the air whispered, even a little bit, everything would get swept away. The fiery hues in the sky had quickly turned into a deep, heavy blue. I could only see the silhouettes of what stood ahead of me. I had nothing to protect me against the cold November night. The only thing I could do was walk until I couldn’t any longer. The hard uneven  ground sores my already weary feet and shoots a sharp pain up to the back of my knees.
Something ahead of me catches my eye. A fast twinkle of light only a few yards ahead.
Then another and another. “Fireflies” I whispered while exhaling. I followed their glow and found myself a small circle of grass the the trees surrounded. It seemed a little out of place. Like nature had made it just for me. I layed in the damp grass and stared at the stars for a bit until my eyes suddenly became too heavy to keep open. And just like that, all of my senses shut off as I fell asleep.

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