a journey

May 7, 2018
By tiffanyrebello PLATINUM, Attleboro, Massachusetts
tiffanyrebello PLATINUM, Attleboro, Massachusetts
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I am one of a kind; I bring something different to the floor - (Myself)

life is a journey they say

an expedition of people stay


to roam the earth's many trails

an odyssey for every reader hails


to traverse to heaven from earth

to live a good life henceforth


a pilgrimage that brings a remembrance

to each person a sojourn entrance


why wander the world if not for a purpose?

containing all the secrets of life to purchase


for to heaven is every person's circumnavigation

along the struggles and beyond the gates 

The author's comments:

life is a climb but the view is great. success is not a destination but rather a journey. 

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