A Quiet Place

May 7, 2018
By grace.lopez.99 BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
grace.lopez.99 BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
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A forgotten bike path around a beautiful lake, hills surrounding it. At the highest point of the hills there are these huge rocks that fit me and my three dogs. We would sit there and just watch the world. For years we could sit there and just listen to the squirrels and rabbits around us. We’d be able to hear the twigs snap or a goose land in the lake. I would just watch the animals scurrying around, my dogs would be off leash chasing the squirrels or smelling every scent they could get ahold of. On some days herds of deer would come to the lake to drink, I didn’t move and was able to just watch them. It’s amazing how much we miss in life because of how busy we are. It was nice to be able to slow down and watch all the nature around me. It’s quiet and secluded from everything, it was my escape from everything going on. Being there made me feel calm and it was amazing to be able to be able to just sit there and not have tons of things that needed to be done. All the stress from school or the drama going on at home didn't exist anymore. These only thing I needed to do was breath. As time passes everything changes. Bulldozers were brought in, construction was invading the one place I could go to. It  was no longer quiet or peaceful, soon the trees became buildings and townhouses. The dirt bike path became cement, most of the animals that had lived here left. After all the construction I never saw deer here again. What had once been my escape was suddenly destroyed. It was never going to be quiet there again.

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